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sigmoid colon resection

My surgery was eight wks. ago. All was fine until last week i began severe vometing and cramping, could not eat or sip water without the cramping. Xray showed filled  with stool.Told do "bag enimas" twice daily to no avail. Ended up in the hospial UCSF for three days and cleaned me out. less than a wk. later i'm cramping and doing enimas again.Why would I be filling up like this ,so soon after the lasts hospial visit plus mystomach is vert distended. Thank you .

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Hi.  I had sigmoid colon resection 7 months ago.  Have you spoken with your surgeon about it?  They may want to do a colonoscopy to check out the area?  Maybe also a CT scan?  I just had one, as I am still having some residual pain and go back to my surgeon, this week, to review the results.  Also, do you take fiber?  Mine tells me I need to be on a high fiber diet to keep everything moving, I guess.  Hope this helps.
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Hi, I had a sigmoid colon resection  a little over 3  months ago.  My doctor has me on a high fiber diet (30 grams) per day.  The FiberOne line of foods are wonderful and very high in fiber. I eat the cereal (13 grams), yogurt (5 grams) and the granola bars (9 grams), plus lots of fruits and veggies. Since the surgery I have 4 -5 bowel movements a day.  
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Interesting - especially for other patients who underwent similar surgery and are having to cope with more bowel movements.  I think that if you were eating a lower fibre diet you would have many more bowel motions of a more liquid/corrosive nature.

Good luck
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