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somebody please answer =\ yellow poop and ibs ...

recently I started having problems with my bowels and it started making me very anxious and slightly depressed ..

I went to my doctor and he suggested that what I have is irritable bowel syndrome

I did bloodwork and an ultra sound

bloodwork came back with everything okay .. like you know the standard blood work where they check blood count bodily functions etc.

the ultra sound I'll get the results back this week but I'm so nervous about it

I have been somewhat pooping regularly than just diarrhea lately but it's all yellow .. not to be graphic but it looks like regular poop .. no food peices nothing floating not piecy .. but just yellow

I do notice I get bloated when I eat sooner than what I normally had but there's no blood no white no black poop .. just yellow!

should I worry? I'm so anxious
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u should get a hida scan done to test your gallbladder function. yellow poop is usually a sign of either extra bile in your poop or undigested fats.
and your dr saying u have ibs (which is very possible) is what they say when they dont know whats wrong. Its a blanket diagnosis to get u out of the office.
Let me guess, they either prescribed u antibiotics and/or nexium or some other acid reflux drug. Also, they probably said to add fiber to your diet.
The truth is, they have no clue what you should do because ibs is super tricky. you have to figure out your triggers. what i suggest is to keep a food journal of everything you eat and drink, as well as your bowel movements. this may help you identify what is causing the ibs.
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