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sore throat with gas even if i dont eat

im suffering with something doctors just cant pin point. im having severe reflux that causes me to burp every 10 to 20 seconds (even without eating sometimes) with sore throat complete with mucus that ranges from the color of coffee grounds to black.also an earache and sudden loss of hearing is present in left ear. ive lost 7 pounds so far from this and still losing. been to the ER 3 times with no findings, theyve done 2 chest x rays, abdominal ultrasound, EKG, bloodwork, and even a saliva sample. all leading nothing. i would love to hear if anyone is having something like this or near this. also having frequent muscle spasms. also suffering from a right and left vericosele in both testicles. ive recently been having suicidal thoughts that i can never go through with because im due to be a father in 4 months time, and love my significant other way to much. im 19 and cant do this anymore. similar symptoms? post it! i dont want to be alone, or worse dying.
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another symptom i get is chills. almost constantly
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