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sore throat

I had GERD for many years, I started doing some abdominal yogic exercises ( Kapalbhati, 3 Bandhas and Nauli Kriya ) hoping to strengthen the diaphragm muscle. Of course there were some websites claiming that people with GERD should not do these exercises while there was one study claiming to have permanently cured GERD along with PPI's with Kapalbhati yoga for diaphragm. That is why i did it ( but I did not take PPIs). Few weeks later especially after starting Naui Kriya, I suddenly got a severe cold with a tightening sore throat. I took antibiotics, but the sore throat never stopped. I never had a sore throat before even though I had GERD. My sore throat also comes after I eat or sit down for some time. Now it has been around 3 months but the sore throat continues. I am not sure if  the exercises worsened the reflux or I contracted some other illness ( super bug or something ) that is affecting my throat.
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