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spasms and tenderness in spleen

Hi, I have been dealing with tenderness in my spleen for about 6 months now. I had a ct scan in october that showed a nodule 5mm in my lower right rib cage. I wonder if this is associated with it. I do have constant gum infecions because of have periodontis. I am wondering if this is causing it also. Recently I have been experinecing spasms of that area which have me worried. 4 years ago I had an enlarged spleen but at the same time i had a bladder infection. I took some antibiocts and my platlets went back to normal and all was good. He came back and said I did not have any cancer but that was 4 years ago. Does anyone have any ideas?
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is your pain on your right or left?  you mentioned the nodule on the right.  you would feel pain from you spleen on your left.   when you had the ct scan 6mo ago was the spleen still enlarged?  
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Sorry, my pain is on my left side and so is the nodule. They seen it with the ct scan but did not say my spleen was enlarged. They said not to worry about the nodule but I beg to differ. It is a pretty good coindence that the pain and the nodule and my enlarged spleen are all in the same area. I hope this is not some kind of cancer spreading cause the nodule was in my lower left lung under my rig cage. Sounds to me I know more about what is going on then they do. Unfortuantely I suffer from chronic arrythmias so any for of chemotheropy would kill me. I do not know what to do.
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small nodules in the lungs are pretty common & typically benign.  did they suggest re-scanning in 6mo to a year??  can you relate your pain to anything you eat?? any other symptoms besides pain?? digestive issues??
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HI, thanks for responding. Yes my ct scan repot said i should get a full scan of the lungs in 6 months because I was getting a heart scan and it only took on a percentage of the lungs. I do not eat anything out of the ordinary and i can say though I do feel fatigued sometimes like i am full of lead or something. I am digesting fine right now, knock on wood though. Have you ever had trouble with your spleen?
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no but I've had issues w/my gallbladder since removed and then my pancreas.  i too have a nodule in my right lung base.  
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