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sphincter of oddi dysfunction


I have questions about symptons of sphincter of oddi dysfuntion.  My daughter has been suffering from popping in the upper right and left part of her stomach just under the rib cage.  She has been suffering from this for about a year or so, but in the last 4months or so it has gotten worse.  It sounds like a balloon popping, she also has nausea after anything she eats or drinks, but worse with sugary or fatty foods. Also just under the left side of her ribcage swells up and causes sharp pain, you can actually see the difference.  She has also all of sudden started loosing weight, and is barely able to keep it up to a 100 lbs.  Sometimes the pain moves to her lower back around where the kidneys are. Sometimes she wakes up and looks yellow, but most of the time she just looks white/pale, she is always tired and her hands and feet go numb.  She has had an ultra sound to check for gallstones, everything came back normal, she has had blood test and stool samples: normal, barium swallow: normal, ct scan: normal.  I feel so bad for her because Doc. can't figure it and wanted to put her on antidepressants, I said no way of course.  But reading symptons from the forum and researching sphicter of oddi dysfunction, sounds like what she may have.  The only thing that does not seem to match is the weightloss and stomach popping.  Has anyone experienced these symptons with sphincter of oddi dysfunction. Any help would be great, I am desperate to help her.
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Dear Worriedmom,

can't say for sure what might be wrong with your daughter but some ideas that might help.  For weight management, try high calorie meal replacement drinks, e.g Scandishake.  I have been diagnosed with Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction, although this has not been objectively confirmed by any test.  I take amitriptyline 30mg at night time, for pain modification and buscopan, a smooth muscle relaxer or anti-spasm drug, 10mg 3 x daily.  This combination works pretty well for me although some severe attacks still occur.  SOD can occur in people who still have their gallbladder, apparently.  Go through Google Scholar to research academic papers and keep Wikipedia open to check the meaning of all the obscure words.
Good luck
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