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stabbing pain right hand side under rib cage very mild pain right hand side & right back & hurts to move

stabbing pain right hand side under rib cage very  mild pain right hand side & right back & hurts to move  & hurts  to  cough  had it  for  4  days  now.  even had  my  kidneystones removed  4  years  ago. i  can  walk  standing tall but it  hurts  to  walk.  n  sit.  but not  to  lay  down. what could  this    be  ?

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hey freind if you find out then please let everyone else know who is suffering too-thanks
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I am having the same problem. It started for me about 4 days ago too. I am not able to sit or even lay down without pain. I am having bad back pains that even using a heating pad don't help. It hurts to breathe unless I press where the pain is, then it just hurts because I'm pressing. I am overweight so don't know if I should go to the doctor's cause I'm afraid that they'll just say the pain is because I'm overweight. I haven't been able to sleep that much because the pain is constant.
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