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sternum pain

i am 27yrs old. last few days I had pain around sternum area and it disappears when i place my body horizontal(say while sleeping)..when i woke up i could see the pain(movement) in the sternum area. if i touch my sternum (upper adbomen) area, i could realize the pain in it..
I am concerned abt it,please advise..
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gullbladder...gerd...there are only a few internal reasons,,if it feels deep or internal,,,thats a start..i get this too,and eventualy it worsens,and youll go have it checked and they will do bunches of tests,and come up with nothing,till finaly it realy comes to a head,and then finaly they will say,,gee,you need your gullbladder out!,,thats around 6-10 years down the road!
i hate to sound so negetive,but believe me,thats how the guessing game usualy goes...just remember,its all a guess game to docs,just like our advice here is,,an educated guess.
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thanks for the details..few days i also had the excessive yawning for every hr ..please suggest me what would be the cause..
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i wouldnt worry about that,,its not a sign or symptom of anything i know of other then being tired,or nervious.
do you notice if this pain extends into your back sometimes?
or does this pain come with eating anything like fatty foods,or greasy foods?

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no..this pain is not extending into my back..i had back pain yesterday because i slept on the floor before that day..this sternum pain was not occuring while eating...but i could feel the pain (not heavy)  if i touch the upper abdomen..also advise what kind of test do i need to take to identify the problem for this..

for last 2 days i noticed in the early morning when sneezing, i could see blood clot(just a little) from my nose..i believe this may be because of cold in the winter..please correct me if i am wrong in this...
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id concider something possible lung infection/virus/cold?
you could have brohncitis,or touch of pneumonia,,,this would cause chest type pain in the general area,and could casue blood when sdeezing,id have yourself checked,,if you notice blood anytime,,id have yourself check by a doc,,,this will also be a piece of mind for you!
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as u asked, i had got the back pain with this sternum pain..please advise..

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