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sticky stool... what is the solution?

good evening to all

I would like to have a suggestion on the problem of sticky stools. I have done various tests, yet there don't seem to be any problems, the problem seems pretty dietary, something I eat and shouldn't, or something that's missing in my diet. The doctor says to increase fiber consumption. But what kind of fibers? Soluble, insoluble? Could the psillium help me or is the risk of making the faeces even softer?
I have read that sticky stools can be given by fat, yet I do not consume many fats.
My classic diet is
- Breakfast: eggs, peanut butter, cereals and banana
- lunch: pasta
- snack: weigh protein (I go to the gym) and tuna with rice cakes
- dinner: meat with vegetables

I think it's a balanced diet, I don't know what to change.
In the last few days I am eating a Greek yogurt every day, my faeces have improved a lot for a couple of days, then they have become sticky again.
Should I increase or decrease the fibers? Which fibers increase? which to decrease? can you give me an example?

Thank you
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