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stomach discomfort

Has anyone have a bruised feeling in their upper stomach near the esphagus.   Every so often I get this bruised sore feeling, sometimes a pinching feeling.  Then is disappears..  I do have acid reflux and take prilosec 2x a day,  I also have to have my esphagus stretched .  Maybe this is what it is.  But it scares me so much.  Not for this in particular but in the past 5 months and as early as a month ago, I have had a chest xray, 3 EKG'S,  ECHO W/contrast, and a abdominal ct scan,  Would these tests show this area where I get this soreness?
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do you have had a dry cough for the last few months and I also get gerd and a similar sore ness you describe I now put mine down to environmental allergies .
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Actually my cough is usually productive.  I have asthma.  But with the meds, it has been so much better. I was allergy tested and all is normal, no allergies... but the asthma is due to weather changes... But I do have the Acid reflux.  I every once in a while, feel a lump in my throat, and sometimes discomfort, soreness near the tail end of the esphagus, upper stomach.  It will last for a few days, its not excruciating but feels like someone punched me in the stomach,, achy... now today its gone...  just a worry wart!!!
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