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stomach issues for the past 3 days... HELP!!!

Usually I'm in the anxiety forum...

About 3 days ago I came home from work feeling ill... my stomach hurt like i had the stomach flu... just bloated and nauseous... i was really worried i had the stomach flu... NOTHING sounded good to eat or anything... i laid on the couch the entire evening and just couldn't get comfortable... and had a terrible sleep.

I was also swallowing LOTS of sinus drainage it seemed. I've been swallowing lots of it lately. I don't have symptoms of a cold... or a stuffy nose... just lots of thick mucous running down the back of my throat.

Now, mucous I know can make your stomach upset... but once you eat some crackers and a little sprite, it usually gets absorbed... but this didnt work for me..

But I had diarrhea with this stomach ache... I went to bed that night feeling ill... and the next day I stayed home from work b/c i was still feeling yucky and i had some diarrhea/loose stools.

Today I'm feeling a little better, and no diarrhea yet. The nausea kind of comes and goes today... but made myself eat a little bit this evening.. and it seemed to have helped some...

This feeling happened to me about 9 days ago... one day I came home from work and felt like this, with the drainage and everything... but i just laid down and ate some apples... took an ativan (minor xanex) and just relaxed... and it went away.. the rest of the week was fine... til 3 days ago.

Could this ALL be caused by sinus drainage? or do you think it was a flu bug? or stress related!?

I'm also having anxiety now... After feeling ill I got a more nervous stomach, so I know thats not helping much...

Thanks so much for listening!
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