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stomach pain accompanied by burning and left chest pain

Hi Im 21 year old female, All my life I have suffered with an upset stomach I assumed was from my stessful lifestyle. Well just recently I have started having a pain that I feel is the shape of my stomach. The pain literally outlines the size of it. I get anything from belching all day long to burning in my abdomen. I get pain under both breast sometimes in the middle of the night on the top of my left breast and the middle of my chest??? weird! I also get unexplained leg and arm pain with this and if it gets real bad I get muscle aches that make me feel I have suddenly came on with the flu. Please any information will help me at this point. I think my doctor doesnt believe me or something because she just keeps pushing everything on anxiety. Oh one more thing everytime I eat pizza or anything with tomatoe sauce I wake up in the middle of the night with my heart pounding, I have documented it so I know they have to be linked!
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I believe this should be heartburn...try not eating acidic foods and citric food like tomatoe based pprducts and orange citric foods or sour...try not eating 3-4 hours before you go to sleep always...this use to happen to me..it has helped and cut back on caffeine, sodas and greasy foood and incorporate more fresj fruits...like melon, may be and papaya is great for heartburn and apples...hope this helps let me know more if you need more advice
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Hi well, I had the pain you are describing for ten yrs.  Then, found a Gastro Doc who

listened to me, and placed his hand in one place on my stomach.  I felt the burn, and also the between my shoulder to neck pain. Nausea, bloating, more pain after eating.

Pancreatits.  I guess you could see a Gastro Doc, and he could do a simple blood test.

I live with Chronic Pancreatitis.  Meaning, it never goes away.  I have my good days, and my bad days.. I am pondering the idea of having it removed.
Hope you find out what is wrong with you.  Have you lost weight lately?

Does it hurt more, after you eat?

let me know
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Well I have had heartburn wich is very uncomfortable also but it seems to subside. This pain in my stomach never subsides Im constantly nauseated, oh and one more thing I forgot to mention my blood pressure has slightly dropped in the past 3 months I used to be 110/65 and recently at the doctor I was 90/50 accompanied by severe dizziness.
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Is that dangerous do you eventually have to get it removed?? And yes after I eat I get a horrible hunger pain as if I havent ate in days. My appetite is like a pregnant woman. I eat so much before bed just to subside the pain and Im starving at 7 in the morning. Also for a while I was havinf pain in the lower left abdomen and pinching in my navel. Theres so much that is why I gave up on my doctor she is blaming everything on anxiety because of my age. did your blood pressure ever drop?
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This problem my daughter has, she is only 16 , and constantly complains about these symptoms, and yes it hurt more  after she has eaten.
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