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I'm 39  years old 5foot6 180 pounds, I lift weights and keep in shape. I suffered from anxiety and panic disorder, I took paxil cr.At one point in my life i got off the anxiety pills. But 2 years later i started getting stomach problems like cramps at first it was mild now its frequent and it put me in a sort of panic.So 4 years later after a colonoscopy and a camera down to the stomach came back negative.The blood test came back negative and the stool culture came back negative,the ultasound came back negative and the x-ray was negative.They i'm healthy and no blood in stool.But i still have this pain. I got see a phychiatrist and social worker,I take effexor xr,with clorazapane and amitrypiline.I do cognitive restructering and i meditate and try to eat well.I don't know if this could be i.b.s or psychosomatic symptom i just don't know what to do. I feel tired alot but look healthy but i still have this pain.
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Where in the "stomach" is the pain located (upper left abdomen, upper right abdomen, around the belly button, lower...)?

Anxiety and medication for it can cause a number of effects on your GI system. Where the pain is may help define what the issue might be.
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Its in all 4 quadriants it seems to travel, i'm reggular and have no problems evacuating but the pain seems worst it hurts with pressure by the hand.
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