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swollen stomach with no diagnosis

I've been seeing a Gastro (my second one now) for four years. I've been diagnosed with IBS because the doctors have been unable to prove anything else. My symptoms have continued to worsen with no cause through all the tests I've had done. Camera down the throat and up the butt, multiple ct scans of my head, nasal passages, abdominal areas and ultrasounds and internal ultrasounds, barium tests and more blood work than I count.  I have headaches every single day. Anything I put in my mouth causes discomfort and swelling of the upper abdominal area. I do have a deviated septum, acid reflux, the start of an ulcer, inflammation of the lower and upper intestines with no known cause. Recently I found out my uterus lining has doubled in thickness (10 mm) and I'm testing now but I have no idea if that is even pertinent. The swelling in my stomach has reached a new level in the last month. The swelling no longer occurs when I eat but now never goes away. When you touch my stomach is hard to the touch. I had to buy the next size jeans to make room for my growing stomach. I am NOT pregnant. Actually my period is now screwed up as well and is coming almost every two weeks but only staying for two days. I'm exhausted all the time. I sleep whenever I can and don't care how long. I have 6-7 bowel movements a day and pee every hour on the hour if not more often. My body is sensitive to the touch and normally my arms and legs ache like I ran a marathon. The bottom of my legs are kinda swollen and the skin feels tight and I have pain in my two big toes leading down my feet.  I did test positive a few years ago for - I can't remember what it's called when you had walking mono and now stress will always make you tired. I've tested negative for all the easy stuff, Lupas, diabetes three times, colitis, celiac disease, Chrone's and more I can't think of. I'm desperate for any help I can get. I can no longer have sex and don't leave the house other than to go to work. Anyone have any ideas or a direction I can take?.
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Shelly, have they said the swelling is caused by ascites?  That's what it sounds like you have, which unfortunately is not a specific finding, but this site explains ways to track down the cause:


This site is very thorough, but can be kind of tiring to read:

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I hear ya! My stomach looks like I am 6 months pregnant, Its horrible and I feel bloated  all the time.It *****. Still trying to determine what it is..No name to this yet for me.
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