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symptoms for 2 years

Hello, I have been feeling ill for about two years now and I am hoping that someone may have had the same symptoms as me. This started in the summer between my junior and senior year of high school and caused me to miss a lot of school. Here are the symptoms....
-nausea after meals (worse before i got my gall bladder removed)
-nervous, gassy stomach
-depression (i don't know this for sure, I feel like I have a positive outlook on life but feeling sick has really gotten to me)
-very cloudy feeling in my head
-loud noises make me dizzy
-bright lights make me dizzy
-standing up quickly makes me completely loose my vision
-very fatigued sometimes for no reason
-panic attacks
-i fee like i have to eat constantly (at least every hour and a half or so) to keep energized
-for a long time i was afraid to eat at all for fear of being ill, vomiting, just feeling like junk
-lately i get headaches every day a few times a day. not just in one spot of my head, it moves around.

here are some things about me that might explain a few symptoms...
-i'm 5 11' and 123 lbs. pretty skinny even though i eat so much now
-i get some exercise, (playing drums, soccer) but i never really wear myself out physically
-i used to get more exercise before i got a car because i rode my bike everywhere, and i used to play active sports much more
-i tested positive for celiac disease, but my doctor said (after looking through a scope in my stomach) that it isn't a concern.
-ive had more tests done than i can name over the past two years and my doctor doesn't know what other test to give me.
- for about a year i always considered my problems just being in my head, but i've felt ill for too long and I am willing to try anything to feel better again.
- i have had panic attacks, and i feel like i control them now
-i don't take medication, or even pain killers for the headaches
-i have a pretty healthy diet, and i try to eat a lot of natural foods

thank you for any information you can give
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