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symptoms of barrets esophagus

what are all the symtoms of barretts esophagus?

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They are pretty much the same as GERD, such as heartburn and back flow of acid.  You may also have peptic ulcers of the esophagus, or stricture caused by scarring.  Because the symptoms are much like GERD it's imperative that you see you doctor on a regular basis. Hope this helps.
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I was diagnosed with barrets this past may 2012. I was tested because i had problems swallowing my food it was like it wasn't going down all the way it would get stuck. Needless to say I have pain the doctors seem to think it is a pain free disease but I have pain in my back, solarplex, my throat aches sometimes, and I almost always run a very slight fever. I hope this helps you. I hope you don't have it. It isn't fair, I feel as if I'm just supposed to sit here until it turns into cancer. If or when it does the chances of getting better are not good I feel as though they should have a treatment for it. i am a single mom my children are 11 and 12, this disease is primarily found in males and around the age of 50. It is also somewhat rare from my research. i am a 33 y/o female I feel as though that is weird. This is also a diagnosis that they are still learning about based on my research as well. I hope this helps. Oh I also just stopped having acid reflux one day it went away for about a year then it suddenly came back.
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Sarah, are you taking meds for the acid reflux, eating a GERD-friendly diet and making life-style changes to try to prevent further reflux? Barrett's is not considered that rare any longer, unfortunately. It's becoming more and more 'well-known.'  
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