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Hello My Name is Ismael And I wanted to give my story. In November of 2008 I first started with anxiety and panic attacks, Everyone around me said it was because of stress over your every day worries but then I started feeling pains on my lower right side I was also feeling a pain in my chest, alot of anxiety and I ended up in the hospital they told me I might have kidney stones or even possibly it could be my apendix they took blood, urine, they took X-rays and as well as a CT scan they gave me a type of colonics to evne test my colon and they said all test came back negative they said all my organs were great an it could be stress or depression. So now I am taking natural Herbal supplements St. John's Wort, Passion Flower for my stress for my bloating a combination of Herbs I can say I do feel some inprovments but as well still feeling some pain I am trying to be patience and pray for the lord to heal me if anyone has questions or would like to give herbal supplements please E-mail me at ***@****

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Here are some disorders contributing to lower right/left abdominal pain in the absence of pathalogical /physiological evidence.

(1) spastic colon - medication available for relief
(2) stress makes diaphragm under rib cage to tighten. So inhale  deep breath hold for 5 secs and exhale from mouth, forcing the diaphragm to relax. doing exercises to stretch your spine and relaxation. Along with tightening of diaphragm muscles near rectum, lower abdomen can also tighten and go into spasm.

(3) Pain inside bones of the lower back ( not shown on MRI or X-Ray) like coccyx, sacro-coccygeal joint can also radiate in groin area, lower abdominal area. cured with steroid injections to the bones and/or related physio-therapy exercises.

(4) For severe pain attacks in upper abdomen/chest like for gall bladder infections; test blood for H-Pylori bacteria before removing gall baldder unless absolutely necessary because H-Pylori can cause identical sympthoms.

(5) Internal hernia , pelvic organ pro-lapse, pelvic floor laxity could also create discomfort in lower abdomen.
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