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thightness of the throat,chest and burping

6 wks ago we went on a driving holiday in the Victorian Alp, an experience not to be repeated! Mt Hotham road from Bright was deadly 1800 metre drop no barriers. twice we had to this.

Well 3 days later I had an anxiety attack, my husband called the  ambulance. Sick on and off since, feel really stressed out tight throat,chest pains, burping. have tried meditating,but it keeps comeing back? Have no other stress in my life,am retired, so now what?
Wits-end and cranky husband!

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The tight throat, and burping may be GERD (acid reflux), and can even cause pain in the chest.  But with your mentioning of feeling really stressed out combined with the panic attack, I think it's anxiety.  But never disregard chest pains, get that checked out and then get help for the anxiety.  I take meds for mine, and don't know what I'd do without them. Take care.....
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