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tube like lump ,left lower abdomen

hello, i'm new to this forum. can anyone help me please..

i have a tube like lump in my left lower abdomen where my sigmoid colon is, i noticed that this lump will decreased in size after a bowel movement, my stool is flaky and color yellow(i have always a regular bm). my stomach gurgles sometimes and i'm always feeling full , i have decreased in weight(3kls), loss my apettite, i feel light headed , i have hard bloated stomach(specially in the morning when i wake up) and i belch a lot. i have done ultrasound whick came back normal, urinalysis that showed i have puss cells in my urine and a slightly hazy color urine, fecalysis normal,CBC which showed low hemoglobin count. doctor said i just can feel my sigmoid colon.. but i dont take that as an answer cause i feel like crap everyday..i feel tired and not normal..is there anyone have the same symptoms with mine?? please cause im scared that its something serious.
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I don't have the lump, but i do have sometimes the yellow/flaky bm. Yellow stool is usually a sign of undigested fat in the stool, or bile. I have yet to find out what is causing mine so I can't be of much help, other than to tell you that I have celiac disease, so maybe you should get tested for that. I highly suggest an endoscopy and colonoscopy as soon as possible.
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I have exactly the same complaints!  Have you found anything out?
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celiac, crohns, or food allergy would be my guess. Get tested for all.
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