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type1 diabetes and crohn's disease

My 12 year old daughter has juvenile diabetes at 6 yrs. and was recently diagnosed with Crohn;'s disease. I would like to know if there are any other children that have these two Chronic illnesses. She also has acid reflux.. I would like to know how long it takes for her to overcome a flare since she has been on medication for about 3mths. and is still vomitting clear stomach fluids.
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What type of medications is she on and when will she go back to see the doctor? I think that after 3 months, she should see some relief. There may be something else going on or they may need to try something different.
I actually stumbled onto something on the Internet the other day when I was looking up information on Crohns. It said there seems to be a connection with having Crohns and having Diabetes. I can't remember where I saw this because I was popping all over the place but try googling Crohns and Diabetes and see what comes up. I think it's because they're both autoimmune diseases? It's interesting because I was recently diagnosed with Crohns and nobody else in my family has it but I do have a lot of diabetes in my family. I think they still don't know what exactly causes it but you can go to ccfa.org (Crohns and Colitis Foundation of America) and they have a lot of information there.
Sorry I couldn't help much. Hopefully someone else with more knowledge than I will see your post. I hope your daughter will start to feel better here pretty soon. God bless.
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I have crohn's. I was diagnosed about 5 years ago.i am 28 now. I am going for a blood test this week becuase my GP thinks that some sypmtoms that i have are not related to the crohns, but may be symptoms of Diabetes and would like to check it out. I stumbled upon this article in googling diabetes and crohns. It seems that they have found a gene that link the 2 together. I too have a history of Diabetes in my family. Here is the link
I just started looking into this. If i find out more, i will come back.
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I have been a type 1 diabetic since age 10--53 years now. Approximately 30 yrs. ago I started having a lot of bloody diarrhea, etc. It took 2 yrs.+ to clear it up and I went for approximately 20 yrs. without any symptoms. When it started up again I was diagnosed with Crohn's and have been on various treatments since then. I have been taking Asacol for years. I have also used enemas--sometimes daily and sometimes twice a day. I had been on Remicade briefly--3 treatments--before going on to Immuran, an immunosuppressant, which worked for about 3 yrs. But, last November I had another flare up. I tried to just deal with it, hoping that it would clear up on it's own because I detest going on steroids--it really screws up my diabetes. Needless to say, it didn't work so I started on the steroids, which cleared up the bloody diarrhea almost immediately. I am no longer on the Immuran, instead I am taking Humira injections every 2 weeks, along with the Asacol and folic acid as well as Prevacid for the acid reflux. (Because I have had to take so many steroids in the past I also have osteoporosis as well.) The Humira seems to be preventing the stomach problems but I have been getting terrible sores in my mouth, which makes it difficult to eat, brush my teeth, etc. Crohn's can affect everything from the rectum to the mouth, but not everybody is affected the same way. It's an autoimmune disease, like diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.

I have also read the article maiacita  (above) referred to. It is very interesting. There are a number of articles available by Googling "Diabetes and Crohn's." You can also get more info on Crohn's by going to http://www.ccfa.org/.
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My son was diagnosed with T1D at age 22 mos.  He is now 13 and in the past year has been diagnosed with Crohn's.  He is currently on Remicade, which only seems to treat his Crohn's symptoms for about 4 of the 8 weeks between infusion treatments.  The good thing is that Remicade does not adversely affect his diabetes management.  We are still looking for a regimen that will keep his Crohn's at bay the entire time between treatments.  The Crohn's has proven to be much more invasive into his ability to live his normal active life.
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Hi, would love to talk to you to see how your son is doing now.  My son diagnosed at age 9 with Type 1 Diabetes and now at age 14 with ulcerative colitis/crohns disease.  Biopsy showed as Crohns, Gastro treating as ulcerative colities.  On high doses of Prednisone, trying to lower.  Right now on 40 mg so you can imagine the blood sugars we are having (high).  Started 6 MP (scared to death of it) around 5 days ago.  Will this ever get better?
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My son was diagnosed with T1d in 2013. He was just diagnosed with crowns last week. My head is spinning and hear breaking. Think there is any hope?
Hello! Im also a T1D, if you wouldnt mind me asking what was your sons symptoms before being diagnosed with chrons? I've been having issues for the past 5 months and  all my symptoms match up to chrons!!!
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