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undiagnosed stomach pain

Hello My name is Jeff and im 19 years old no health conditions or problems previous to this

My pain all started about 7 months ago after eating some chicken. I was perfectly fine up untill one day I had severe stomach pain, sweating, shortness of breath, burping, gas, acid reflux

-severe upper, middle and lower stomach pain (cramping,bloating, gas pressure pains)
-diarhea the first 3 weeks of pain
-now it seems more like constipation
-thin pale foul smelling stools, more frequent bathroom trips
-bloating after eating
-shortness of breath do to pain and pressure from gas

My pain seems like its my whole stomach area not just one spot, its like pressure cramping pains constantly worse at night.

I have been through all blood tests, urine tests,4 stool tests for parasites, endoscopys, all negative for any disease except low vit D

I have been to naturpath doctors and they told me to go gluten free for 1 month which didnt help at all.

After doing a endoscopy my stomach pain was twice as bad, it must have gotten irritated from doing the test, I went to the hospital 3 times in 1 week, each time they didnt help me. I had no appetite at this time either and barely ate anything.

I just recently went for computerized stress test (biomerdian.com) it measures your vitamin levels, food allergies, and can detect parasites. I was diagonsed with giardia, I was given natural medinces to fight the parasite. This was tested a few days after doing the scope and i was in severe pain at this time. after 1 week of taking the natural medicine I felt better then I did and didnt feel like it was so painfull as to go the hospital but still really bad. I also had more of a apetitite.

Now 1 month and a half later after taking the natural stuff, symptoms are still severe and dont seem to be improving much after the initial improvement, I went to do the test again my levels keep improving but I was told that my body was getting used to the medicine i was taking and it wont work anymore I was prescribed a new pill called para-gone I believe.

I still didnt feel better so i went to my doctor and got antibiotics (flagyl 500 mg for 7 days)
7 days later not any better

The doctor who did computer test said this is a higher strain of giardia going around and can be hard to fight off but i dont know what to believe, My doctor doesnt believe in this biomerdian test.

I dont know what to do anymore, im done taking antibiotics and i still feel terrible.
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Hi Jeff:

I'm so sorry you are suffering.  I'm not a doctor and I know next to nothing about this stuff but you sound a lot like me.  It could be so many things.  Doing your own research can only help.  Check out the "First Principles of Gastroenterology", http://gastroresource.com/GITextbook/en/Default.htm.  I would take special note of the biliary system, Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction and pancreatitis.

If I were in your shoes, I'd ask for a referral to a Gastroenterologist.  Since you've had the upper endoscopy, you may already have one.  There are a few less invasive tests such as the Endoscopic Ultrasound and MRCP-S that can image the whole thing including pancreas and ductal system.  These might be able to get you the diagnosis you need to get on the healing track.

Are you taking Metamucil or a similar daily fibre product?  This is a great help for MANY people and might help your symptoms.   It does not make you go, it makes you regular by adding fibre to the watery stools, making them firm.   Since you said the diarrhea has stopped, it will just ensure that you go daily and consistently eliminating the constipation.

It helps to keep a journal or a blog and your welcome to read mine if you want but I write a lot (can you tell).  :)  It's a great way to review your situation objectively and identify patterns in your foods, symptoms, medications and pain level.  Hindsight is 20/20 and keeping a log might help you look at things more objectively over the longer term.  Also, when you do go into Emergency, you can say, this has been the pattern...

You are not alone!  Try to stay positive and reach out for support when you need it.  Talk to your Doctor, family, friends, co-workers, church or social service volunteers or anyone you feel safe with.  

Search the web for Yahoo! groups.  Once you have the page where you can search the Yahoo! groups, search or "sphincter".  There are about five of them.  Only two of them are really worth joining.  Michele's is by far the best as she is a registered nurse and an uncommonly kind, empathetic and supportive woman.  Maddi's is wonderful, too.  Just put in a request to join and within a day or two, they'll let you know that you've been accepted.  Hopefully, if you join, you'll say "Hi" to me there?

When you do find answers, it would be wonderful if you could let us know the root cause(s) and how you got rid of your pain.  It gives people on this site hope to hear success stories.

Take care of yourself.  Good luck and Godspeed.  All the best,

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Ive never heard of those other tests you mentioned, here in Canada it takes forever to get tests done, it took 5 months for endoscopy, I dont even think we have those tests here or maybe they dont wana give them to me i dont know. I have a speciliast I might have to go back and see him again and wait another 2 months for another useless test.
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Hi Jeff:

I'm in Ontario, Canada, too.  Trust me the tests are available here.  You just need to find the right Gastroenterologist.  You family doctor can refer you.  

If you have any questions, please ask and I'll do my best to answer.

Don't give up on yourself.  You are 19 years old.  You should be out, having a great time, not stuck at home in agony all the time.  

Give some thought to joining the web group, too.  It's a great support.

All the best,

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Yes, make an appointment with a Gastroenterologist as soon as possible.  You do need a specialist to find what is causing this.  It sounds a lot like my symptoms which turned out to be chrons.  It could also be UC.  But you really need to get to the bottom of it asap.  If you go to the Gastroenterologist, and he gives you meds and after you take them you are not much much better, it is important to call him back and tell him.  They will think you are fine if they don't hear back.  I finally had to take Remicade and got much better.

Hope to hear soon that you have found out what is wrong.  Then they can start to treat it.
If it is chrons or UC it is never cured but goes into remission, so if symptoms return it is important to see your GI dr asap.
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Hi Jeff:

How are you doing, Kiddo?  I've been really worried about you and I'm wondering what you decided to do.

All the best,

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Well im Stuck in a messed up situation once again it will take 4 months to do a colonoscopy test. I am seing a speciliast but he doesnt seem to want to help me. Ive already done all these tests so their quick to want to label me with ibs. dr ismalli is who im seeing and his college from the hosptial already labeled me with ibs.  

I tried ibs pills they dont seem to want to work.

I went back to the nurse that does the computerized test and its not showing up as giardia and she said I should feel better in a few days, I have felt better lately but its still very painfull and hard to live when you can hardly go to work and do any sports or anything.

I was given Inflame X to take to heal my intestine as she said it had been damaged from having giardia but I still have syptoms, I sitll have trouble eating, lots of gas and burping and pale stool/thin, with Constipation it seems.

Then I called the office for the speciliast trying to plead with them to take me for additional tests but apparently their isnt really any other tests other then upper scope and colonoscopy, I also did 4 stool samples all negative for giardia : (.

Seems that my doctors and speciliast have given up on helping me my doctor said its in my head and then she said its ibs. I find it hard to believe ibs can cause me to get dizzy and have extreme stomach pain etc.

They asked me what tests I wanted to do but I dont know which other tests might help me. This all just makes no sense whats wrong with me I never get sick have any problems or ever complain about anything, and then 1 day it just comes out of nowhere.?
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