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unexplained abdominal pain

iam nineteenand  have been having for 2 months now unexplained pain in my right side of my stomach uner the rib cage. the pain is constant and all day. when the attacks come which i never know when to expect them they come with a vengence and go through to my back not around only through sometimes they hit into the middle of my stomach and then go through the back i have gotten a ct and endoscopy and blood work and every thing thank gd came out negative but the pain is endless and using all my energy. the docotor put me on prevacid thinking it was ulcears and lefsin for spasms the prevacid didnt do a thing the lefsin only help for 20ish min. along with the pain comes symptoms of naseau, car sickness which i never had before, loss of appetite and weight, extra saliva that i always have to spit out and not being able to anymore sleep through the night anymore. is there any advice from anyone of what this maybe?any help will be appreciated thank you in advance
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one more thing i got a pelvic and abdominal ultra sound and they came back clean. i really want to know what is causing the pain or at least a relief to stop the pain some days i cant move and others i can walk around and all but i get shooting pains and fall to the floor or if i am driving i would have to pull over etc.
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You sound like me, only mine has been for 5 years or so. Mine started out exactly like that tho. They are working me up for my gallbladder now. Went through the whole gambit of GERD drugs, spasm drugs, you name it. Ask your doc to take a look at yours, see if that's it. Now keep in mind the last two abd ultrasounds I've had done were okay, but see if they'll do a HIDA scan, it's pretty definative.
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I would definitely push a little harder about your gallbladder, your pains radiating upper right quadrant under the rib cage and shooting through to your back sounds pretty typical of that.  I had pains similar to yours before having my final attack that landed me in the ER throwing up, doubled over and crying.  I didn't have major stones but I had a couple small ones, enough to have my gallbladder removed.  You should never have to live with that type of pain, especially at your age.  Always remember if you don't feel satisfied with what your doctor's telling you, go for a second opinion.  Good luck!
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Other than you being 19, I have no idea why the docs haven't check you for gall bladder problems, you present all the classic symptoms.

Demand that they check it out, ultrasound to check for stones, HIDA scan for gall bladder function.
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according to the doctors on the cat scan my gaullbladder was not in any distress or inflamed so they did rule it out. in the beg, they thought it was my appendix cuz on they couldnt see it on the cat scan but now they are just stumped i went for a second opinion and i am much happier with the doctor. what is a HIDA scan? maybe i will ask for that. this week on friday i am getting a breathe test to see if i have an over produce of bacteria but both myself and my parents think its going to come back negative. i am at my witts end with this pain and just want it to go away i cant do anything normal anymore and that really bothers me.i am avoiding going to the hospital because i feel like they are going to do unnecessary tests and why waste their time and mine but when i am driving and feel terrible the thought of going to the hospital does pop up
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A HIDA scan measures how well  your GB is functioning.




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