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unresolved chronic intestinal pain and severe weight loss


I am reaching out in hopes that someone may have an answer that I have not already tried; about 5 years ago I suddenly began having horrible stomach pain in my lower abdomen that would wake me up at night. It then started occurring every time I ate. I quickly lost over 20 pounds unintentionally. After seeing several GI specialists, who could find nothing wrong, I found one who discovered that I had Superior Mesenteric Artery (sma) syndrome. I had surgery and my intestines were re-routed to a new opening in my stomach. My gall bladder was also removed. 2 years later, I am still having the initial symptoms, now accompanied by frequent burning, acid, diarrhea, and sharp pain in my lower left side. I also have endometriosis, but my ob does not believe it is causing any of my intestinal issues. I have been tested for almost everything and would greatly appreciate any thoughts. Thank you.

I am 25 years old and before this all started I weighed 117 lbs. I now struggle to stay at 95 lbs.
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Hi mrrssssar
There's a good chance that some of your symptoms may have to do with the  gallbladder removal., specially the  diarrhea, which btw affects a significant number of patients who undergo such a surgery.

Regarding your lower left quadrant abdominal pain:
There's a good chance that this pain is directly related to Endometriosis.
When you have your period, some of the bleeding can come from tissue outside the uterus, affecting organs within the abdominal cavity and causing irritation and inflammation.
Also worth mentioning is the fact that some of the endometrial cells can spread & attach themselves  to scar tissue in the abdominal region, following surgery.
I wonder if  many, if not most, of your symptoms are linked to Endometriosis.
Common abdominal symptoms related to Endometiosis after eating are cramps, bloating, nausea, heaviness, and loss of appetite or gradually increasing food avoidance.

It's all about looking at all the facts, going well beyond  symptoms & then connecting all the dots.
Do you know exactly why you had the gallbladder removal?
Do you know that your unintentional weight loss may have contributed to your SMA syndrome or even caused it?

Your low weight is of concern. Low fat, low muscle mass, low nutritional intake leading to  nutritional, hormonal and neurotransmitter deficiencies.

Are you on any supplements at present?

One of the imbalances leading to Endometriosis is Estrogen Dominance
(over progesterone). Estrogen to progesterone must be in proper ratio
and the synthetic estrogen from birth control pills is only worsening the imbalance.
I suggest you get your levels checked and should you indeed have excess
estrogen, look into natural bioidentical progesterone cream to remedy this.
Unfortunately most conventional doctors don't recognize Estrogen Dominance and are also not very keen on prescribing natural bioidentical hormones.  
Perhaps search for reputable Integrative Medicine Practitioners, Functional Medicine Doctors or Naturopathic Doctors to help you
sort all this out.

I hope this helps, however, please note that my suggestions and comments are not intended to replace medical advice.

Best wishes,

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Had you been coping with notable anxiety prior to the start of this, perhaps even to the point of being medicated for it?

wikpedia.org has a detailed and interesting description of Superior Mesenteric Artery (sma) syndrome   (how tall are you?)
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