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upper right abdominal pain

Let me see where to start….

I am 28 years old when I was 9 years old I had a surgery for appendices and some rare pancreatic disease (don’t know what it is at the time my mother didn’t really question the doctors and most of them were Cubans and are now out of my country), at the time I was vomiting bile juices and had a 50/50 percent chance of living and dying. I have a long rouged scar from the top of my stomach to the bottom to prove the ordeal.

I had abdominal pains since then but I just to put myself in a crouching position and this went like in ½ hour. However 8 years ago I started to have these sever pains with which I used divol that seemed to worked if I popped three in my mouth one time. As of one year ago I got this excruciating pain in the same top right hand side of my stomach which is now a bit tender and puffy. I went to the doctor who give me morphine injections to stop the pain. Sometimes when I vomit it helps sometimes I have to go to ER for the pain injections. I get ‘cold sweat’ with this and the pain is horrible, I usually cant breathe properly or even talk I sometimes feel as if I am dying and pinch or slap myself so as not to pass out (afraid I won’t get up back). Now I did several test H Pylori, Liver function, thyroid function, general blood, ultra sounds, x- rays amongst others. I went to several doctors and I think the only thing left is a biopsy- I am afraid if that doesn’t bring anything. I now have a case of acid reflux which I am taking lomac to treat. I changed my diet a bit so I am not on tabs every day. I can say when this condition worsen about a year ago I was highly stressed at work and I had to bury my dad. I am frustrated at times that this is not resolving and I am afraid of long run effects since I can’t pin point what it is as yet.

could someone help me please
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Which one of below sounds more familiar to you?...

- burning sensation in the middle upper part of stomach, worse on empty stomach. Burning beneath the sternum (breastbone), heartburn, bad taste.

- colic pain (spasm) in the right upper abdomen, worse shortly after the fatty meal, the spasm may last for minutes or hours.

The first group of symptoms is related with reflux.
The second group of symptoms come from gallbladder disease.

Normal (negative) result of ultrasound DOES NOT exclude gallbladder disease, you can suggest yur doctor to have a HIDA scan, which is more accurate.
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