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vomit but no diarrhea ?

I had canned Mackerel, which was the only different food I ate but not my husband.  14 hours later, when I started my breakfast, I didn't like eating, unlike usual having great appetite.  YET I was feeling the sensation and stomach discomfort just like being very hungry.

Even though I felt a little nauseous, I was still eating a boiled egg, half avocado, and little bit of raw celery (routined food items).  

Then, I started little bit of vomiting, little by little.  

I still took my daily supplement, calcium+magnesium.  It was not digested but completely came out after a short while.

I kept vomiting very small amount for 4-5 times more.

Then, 4 hours, I had quite a bit vomit.

8-10 hours later, I gradually felt better. Although there were very slight stomach cramps here and there, everything else seemed normal on the 2nd day.  Now, I am normal.

I'm not trying to seek for medical advice here, but I am trying to figure out what was going on?  I couldn't find a definitive answer from internet.  My symptoms seem to be in all possible causes. I'm not having the flu, for I am all good now.

Was this food poisoning?  But isn't food poisoning usually happening within hours with also diarrhea?  

Thanks in advance.
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