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weird question

ok this may sound like a weird question.  I am a healthy 30yr old man.  About a few weeks ago, while washing, I noticed a small hard bump near my anus.  Over the past few days it has gotten larger and more tender.  Today it was really hurting and when i touched it, i sort of felt preasure as I would have if it were a pimple.  After work today, I decided to take a look at it with a mirror.  It was oozing a yellow, mucus-like pus.  I decided to squeeze it.  A lot of pus and blood was drained.  Then I kept squeezing, and a large ball of hard stuff came out (about 1.5mm).  All of the stuff that was expelled, including the hard ball had an extremely foul smell.  I examined the hard ball and it seemed to have had a hair in it.  As this was pretty traumatic for me (seriously i almost puked b/c it was a pretty gross procedure), I began to do a little online research.  I still have no clue what this was.  I've been seeing a lot of content involving an anal abscess.  Everything I have read sounds kind of like i had and anal abscess.  However, all of the articles say that surgery is necesary in order to drain the avscess.  Although this really hurt, I don't know that i would have had to have surgery in order to drain this.  Also, all of the articles said that 40-50% of all anal abseses lead to anal fissures.  Should i see a doctor??  or should i see on only if the pain and irritation do not subside?  Was this an anal abscess?
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Sounds like it was.  It might keep filling up and draining over the next few days.  As long as it keeps lessening, you should be OK.  I hear you about how traumatizing it is.  I've had that happen a couple of times.  No fun!
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If it had a hair in it it probable was an absess. Keep draining it and use antbatiral cream like (neosporin).
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It should close up by itself, especially doing what Cat said.  If a few weeks go by, and it's still sore and "open," that's a fissure.  That's when you can see a doc about it.  By the way, I have to say, you done a good operation!  :)
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