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what is Thick mass

I had an MRI  couple hours ago a couple of the images that looks dark like space with spider vein on the bottom right corner said thick mass on all of them, same pic, though from different views. What could a MRI reading mean by thick mass. Is it stones, tissue, cancer, swelling, anybody know something about MRI's readings?  I Have pancreastis and was wondering about it what it could mean.
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Sometimes patients will get pictures and a report, but SUPPOSED to be the doc who ordered the MRI is to sit down with you at an appointment in his office, and he will go over the results of the scan with you, put the pics up on a light board, and explain exactly what everything means that they found.  But a mass can be almost anything you could imagine, and so you will have to schedule to see your doc very soon, so he can tell you what precisely is going on.  I'm glad they did the scan, and now your physician will be able to figure out what has been happening all this time!  Keep us posted on what he finds out from your MRI, and what his plan for treatment might be, and remember to tell him about your chest symptoms, too.
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ggreg hi well my doctors were not very friend in explaining much at all infact all the questions i ask got sarcasums. the doctor said that everything looks normal. they were looking for chronic pancreas but not so, so they sort of told me they can't treat what they can fine or see. i was in the hospital prior to tha test two month where my pancreas was 480 enlarged, they gave me IV and starved me sent me home after three day. now they apears not to care where I am with this,, because they don't see anything on the MRI to say otherwise, although my liver showed what they called simple cyst. I am not having pain since they changed my blood pressure meds, but still experiencing esophia spasums! sometime hard painful obstruction on right side. my metabolic system was abonormal, my kidney test was abnormal, my liver was abnormal, but they said that it was nothing to worry about, because it is not excessively abnormal, and my D-dimoned is constantly abnormal. I am worried that they may make it appear as though I am hollowing wolf with them when ever i experience something because they are pretty sure that their test couldn't find anything and thay validate their need not to check anymore even while I suffer. one doctor said my pancreas was lypace was not high, two day later another doctor check and it was up to like 89. right now its below normal its about 53 which she said was good considering how high it was. i am now hearing that women are going to the doctor complaining about their stomach pain and the doctor send them home saying they are find then the go home and dye from some stomach bacteria. whats going on here! why are they jumping to cpnclusion to say its stress, and in out heads, when they see how elevation my pacrease was! i don't know what else to do. i think insurance plays a lot with it. I have medicare disability insurance Part A & B. so i am left to die because they don't want to be acurate intesting!
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Unfortunately with doctors they need some sort of proof something is wrong to be able to move forward.  That doesn't mean there isn't something wrong with you just that they can't find anything on their tests and they are bound by those tests.  It is frustrating though.  I am not a doctor but it is possible that your pancreas really just needs some time to rest and heal.  This pain you are feeling, is it not relieved by over the counter medications?  If not then I would go back to the doctor and ask them what to do about the pain.  If you are not satisfied with how you are being treated I might try and find another doctor.  Good luck, I do hope you get this cleared up soon.
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I ditto Michelle, you might find a new doctor who is willing to look at the MRI report and pictures and tell you what HE sees and explain it to you.  Apparently the mass, since it was not related to pancreas, was not of any interest to the doc treating you for pancreatitis.  Now, as to your abnormal results relating to metabolism, kidney and liver problems, they DID say they were not excessively abnormal.  The starvation diet whilst you were in hospital before MRI is the standard sort of treatment for pancreatitis, and since your previous number was 480 and then went down to 89, that does indeed show improvement.  But getting a second opinion or consult is your best bet, to at least find out what the mass was.

For your spasms in your esophagus, this may be too much acid in your tummy that is sort of burping up, in which case my favorite remedy to any upper digestive tract discomfort is to drink an ordinary Alka Seltzer Original, it neutralizes acid, it releases painful gas, it returns the body to a more alkaline state, and the aspirin in it makes you generally feel better.  The question is how come you have so much acid that your esophagus would react like it does.  MANY things can cause acid, so this is yet another question you can present to your new doc consult, maybe he can get to the source of it by asking questions and then he can help you perhaps in some way other than symptomatically.  

An example of possible sources of gas and your other digestive problems can be amongst this partial list:  Medication, diet, water consumption, exercise, constipation or diarrhea, and perhaps the mysterious mass.  Any one of those things can be causing acidity in your system, if acid is indeed what is mostly bothering you.  So, arrange to see a new doc to check out your MRI report and any pictures that are availalbe.  In the meantime, review side effects of all medicines you take and adjust as needed; be sure to eat a variety of foods, several times a day, and include enough fiber; drink at least six glasses of water a day, exercise a few times a week, all of which help constipation and perhaps diarrhea.  If you have diarrhea as a symptom, then the new doc should do some bloodwork to determine if you have some sort of bacterial infection floating around in your intestines.  I hope this helps.
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