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why am i nauseaous after i eat?

I am so nauseaous after i eat that i get the chills and sometimes it makes me wanna cry cause it hurts. Its like a dull ache or lump in the throat for a good 5 minutes or more after i eat.  My stomach also just feels as if i drank acid and like its eating away at it.  No matter what the amount i eat, little or alot, my stomach also just feels empty like i havent ate for years.   It was worse, but then my doctor gave me 150mg of Ranitidine and i been taking it for 2 weeks now.. it helped in the beginning but now im starting to feel nauseaous again, and slowly getting worse everytime.   I am a 21 yr old Type 2 Diabetic,  could it have something to do with that? Or is it unrelated?

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i also keep getting the feeling immediately after i drink water but that just last a minute or so
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try stopping all consumption of man made foods.  only eat natural foods....home made meats, fresh fruits and vegies.  have the doctor test you for food allergies.  Possibly mineral allergies, since water also makes you nauseous.  
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when i eat fruits it still happens even when i eat just salad at lunch no dressing just the lettuce and a grilled chicken patti i still feel so sick after. last night i actually ate a banana and i felt like that still then later i ate a pear and still felt sick.  my doctor acts like im over exaturating or something cause he tells me come back in 3 months then we'll do the test.  Ive felt like this for more then a year now.  If it dont go away by now it wont go away in 3 months
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for breakfast i actually ate tuna with lemon and im still feeling nauseated..i wanna scream help cause it hurts.  but even my mom and sister are tired of hearing me say "I feel like i gotta throw up"  ive actually gone to my room and curled up on my bed cause it hurt so bad  :(
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It happened to me when I had extremely high blood sugar, check your blood. I changed my insulin, and didn't understand it properly. do you check your blood frequently?
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oh yes i check my blood 5 to 6 times a day.   Ive had it under such good control checking it regularly that i've inspired the other diabetics(3) at work to get theirs under control better.  But yes It is worse when my sugar is high but i still get it back when it isnt.. like this morning i was 112 and its not as bad.. but for last 4 days my numbers have been high... 180mg/dL to 220mg/dL and it was really worse.. thats why i started this post
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Ive had my sugar so good that December i went to doc for my A1c and it was 5.5 he said.. which is like a non-diabetic number.  But now my A1c on April 1st was 6.8   which is like avg. of 140mg/dL
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1. Go to the doctor (another one, if necessary), as soon as possible. You need another drug, since you obviously are getting resistant to Ranitidine. You need a drug called omeprazole (brand names: Prilosec, Nexium, or other) which is stronger.

2. Arrange appointment with gastro specialist SOON (NOT MONTHS, DAYS!!) You will need a simple breath test for H. pylori infection, which is by far the most ofteb cause of increased acid. If positive, you get antibiotics, it usually helps a lot.

3. AVOID any acidic foods: lemons (!!), any citruses, and probably any fruit at all. C vitamin in fruits is acid. Citruses have citric acid beside that. NO alco, spices, vinegar...Anyway, try what doesn't irritate you. Small portions, don't eat several hours before bed.

4. Put additional pillow under your upper back, at night, to prevent acid leak into esophagus and lungs.

5. Acid may strongly damage your esophagus, throat or lungs (aspiration pneumonia). Changes are permanent and may ruin your life, complications follow with fibrosis, etc. I'm not exaggerating. Go to the doctor.

Omeprazole, breath test > antibiotic, then you will need evaluation of your GERD (gastric reflux).  
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First of all, follow boron's excellent advice. And pay special attention to #2 -- DAYS, NOT MONTHS. I'll differ with the extra pillow, however. That can actually squish your stomach and cause more damage to your esophagus. Instead, either buy a pillow wedge and/or incline the head of your bed 6 to 12 inches using risers (you can get these at places like Bed Bath and Beyond).

Adding on to that, I suggest you try taking (if you can) DGL before meals. It should help soothe your gastric lining, since it sounds like you have some sort of inflammation there. Ginger and aloe are also highly recommended. Finally, if you can, get Manuka honey with a UMF of at least 16 (the higher the better), and take 2 tsp per day. (Manuka's a bit expensive though, so start with the DGL).

This should work as a good patch up for now, things you can start today, but go see a gastroenterologist ASAP.
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Tiffany, the most accurate reading of blood glucose is before breakfast, this is the number the doctors are referring to.
When I was your age, I had heartburn and indigestion during the night time (and because of the spinal injury, I had to use no pillow) I was able to get things in control having the last meal 2 hours prior to bed time. I am also avoiding fatty meals, which may cause extra acid secretion. I guess, in my case, the heartburn was post-traumatic stress related, because I mostly have had it before the midterm tests.
Also what is your opinion about Januvia drug (my mom just started it)?
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First thank you to everyone, ill get to the doctor very soon.  now to 898, Januvia is good, it helped me lose a little weight even, i was on glyburide and the 1000mg of metformin and my numbers were always going down to 49 to 70 every day 2 hours after breakfast and and sometimes afternoon id have like 80 or 85.   so my doctor put me on the januvia to help me keep my body from going to low... now the lowest ive been is 67, and high 70s.  I dropped 10 pounds when i started taking the Januvia, and i pry could still be losing but since my thyroid seems to be messing up again, im at a stand still.   But i would say Januvia is a good thing. oh and it really helps cause one day i missed the dose(didnt take it til lunch time) and my number was 289 and 3 hours after i took it, even after eating i was 160.. so it works.
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this disease makes you nauseas when you eat gluten,  I have a feeling this may be whats wrong with me.  My numbers rise even when i eat real good like wheat and the allowable if not less then the amount of milk for a carb serving and salads.  A woman on dLife on this sundays show described exactly me when she explained it.  Thats when i jumped on the web to see what i could find about it.

Here are some websites you can go to, to see (the symptoms) http://www.celiac.org/cd-symptoms.php ; (dLife) http://www.dlife.com/dLife/do/ShowContent/dlife_media/tv/As_Seen_Show_172.html

The cause of Celiac Disease, also known as celiac sprue, or gluten sensitive enteropathy (GSE), is unknown.  Research indicates that Celiac Disease is strongly associated with a group of genes on Chromosome 6.  These genes (HLA class II) are involved in the regulation of the body's immune response to the gluten protein fractions.

One out of 133 people in the United States is affected with celiac disease. Celiac Disease occurs in 5-15% of the offspring and siblings of a person with celiac disease. In 70% of identical twin pairs, both twins have the disease. It is strongly suggested that family members be tested, even if asymptomatic. Family members who have an autoimmune disease are at a 25% increased risk of having celiac disease.
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Lump in the throat, acidic stomach, Ranitidin helped (your 1st post above), are NOT characteristics of celiac disease, but of gastritis probably caused by H. pylori.
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why would my Sugar levels rise tho just from eating very little and the right carb count.. like i said maybe even less then 30-15carbs(1-2 Servings)
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Sugar rises not only by eating carbs, but also from its accumulation in the blood because of diabetes II you said you have. There is a supposed disorder in insulin receptors on the body cells - insulin can't act properly on the cells so sugar can't be uptaken by cells from the blood, so it builds up in the blood.
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I have recently stated having nausea after eating, I have had to make myself vomit to bring up what I ate.I have been told I am type 2 diabetic, I am not on meds yet. I am trying to control with diet & exercise first. I also have Fibromyalgia.I have been eating the dark breads. I have eaten wheat & honey bread before. Several days ago I ate it after a couple weeks of not eating it, at the time I thought i had a virus , until I ate the bread again today,I was nauseaus within about 30 minutes.Any help please.
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additional info. My stomach has a knotted filling and burns somewhat. Not like acid reflux.I am also taking meds to sleep(prescribed) and for depression symptoms,They have affected my bowels. But the nausea after eating has just started about 1 week.
Thanks for any help. I go in this month for my 3 month blood sugar check,( A I C) not sure about all the terminology yet I am newly diagnosed.  I have heard of  H. pylori. I am going to research it now...
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I have H. pylori and have been on antibiotic treatments for 3 or 4 times now. It *****! one of the treatments was as much as 3000mg of antibiotics A DAY, yes three thousand mg for 10 days. until now i have not been able to get rid of it and  I really don't know what to do? I'm just thinking to accept the fact that it's there and live with it.
But then just a few days ago I started having nausea again, after I eat. Everytime I eat something I feel sick after, but never vomit, just nauseaus.
I really don't fancy another anitbiotics treatment, as it was pretty useless for me and the thing is you can get it anywhere anytime again.
Either from food, water or your partner maybe (through kissing) if he/she's got it.
It's depressing really. I've cut down on fatty foods, acidy or spicy foods, alcohol almost entirely, quick smoking, what else???
How  can I ever get rid of it?
Does anyone else has the same experience?
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I just recently started felling this when i was in the car and after i ate an egg sandwich i told my mom "i feel like to throw up". I went home then soon after i felt okay. I ate some lunch and the feeling came back. So i realized that every time after i eat i get nauseous. I found that if i eat crackers and sip soda i don't really get nauseous.  I need help on how to get rid of this.      
Plz HELP !! :)
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Ah, this sounds just like what I was experiencing three years ago before I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I would eat something, ANYTHING, and afterwards, it would feel like I would need to throw up. The only way I figured out at the time to calm it down was to drink lots and lots of water during my consumption of the food and after. Though, eventually I had to get it checked out cuz it started to get worse. It is a sister disease to Chrons Disease. Basically, your colon has ulcers on it that bleed. Not all people show bloody stool but it is a sign of it too. Not saying you have this disease, but maybe you should look into it to see if you have the other symptoms it comes with.

Of course, to confirm this, you would need to see a doctor. If he suspects of you having this, you will need to have a colonoscopy done...not a good feeling lol.
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