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wife's colon problem

My wife has Lymes. With a history of bowl problems her whole life. Question is, she is on alot of pain and other meds which has seemed to has bascally put her colon asleep. They did a test her tract and her colon isn't doing anything. The only way she has a Bowelmovement is with prescription laatives. we have heard of a colon pacemaker, is there any truth to it?
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The colon pacemaker is real, but the research was done in Israel and I'm not sure where the whole process is at this point. I don't think the concept has be accepted or tried in the U.S. at this point. You can go on to pubmed and query for 'colon pacemaker' to find out which research group is involved and possibly contact them - but again, it will be person in Israel.
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Thankyou, the doctor she is seing doesn't know anything about it. But the emergancy room she went to, couple months ago, did. She is looking at possible colonostomy, so we are researching all options.
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If you're researching having a part or all of the colon removed, be sure to read MoreCambe's posts. They'll be very helpful on what to expect and what can be done to help control the changes in bowel habits that result from the surgery.

Is there any possibility that a change in meds might be able to be done to help the situation? Has she had a colon mapping done that actually shows that her colon is not working - that the neurons are damaged, or?

There is a fellow on the WebMD boards who has severe back problems and has to handle a LOT of meds and severe constipation. You might want to see what he's on and what he's doing to try to help himself. He goes by the name of NoDisc, I believe.
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