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yellow skin

Hi .. I have something a bit offbeat that not even my doctor has any knowledge of:  
I felt fatigued for a few months for no apparent reason - I usually run about 15 miles per week but was finding each session very difficult so I knew something was up.  A very minor cut I had also didn't heal and was sore for 4 weeks.  I had blood tests for liver, kidneys, thyroid, cholesterol, glucose, pancreas ... all normal.
I had actually started feeling a bit better when I started to turn yellowish - which I understand was from carotenemia as my eyes were clear and it was very visible on my palms and face.  My diet hadn't changed at all as would be the case with primary carotenemia from food sources.
I eventually had a beta carotene blood test 2 months after I first turned yellow.  The carotene was within normal ranges but the other carotenoids were raised - lutein, zeaxanthin, cryptoxanthin.
I am still feeling very fatigued (the yellow skin is a little better) but I don't have any other symptoms really apart from bloating.  I did have chronic indigestion for a year or so, but it had resolved 4 months prior to feeling unwell.  I wonder if it's my pancreas as I have had occasional deep pain in that region (but it is occasional).  I did have an abdominal ultrasound which was normal.  
Just to clarify, the yellow skin is completely separate from jaundice (my bilirubin levels are not raised) - it is carotenemia from a secondary cause (known secondary causes are diabetes, anorexia, thyroid, liver disease, kidney disease).  I don't have any of these secondary causes, according to blood tests and ultrasound, so am curious as to whether I have a problem with pancreas and enzymes.  Any help would be wonderful as I am flummoxed and so is my GP.
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