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Abdominal attacks, severe but infrequent ~

Hi , I'm a 41 yr. old female in very good health and no pre - existing medical conditions.
I have had severe abdominal attacks since I was about 23 years old. They come on with little warning -i have bloating and a mild headache,  and cramping to the point i cant stand up-right. I generally begin vomiting within an hour or so after initial cramping. Sometimes the vomiting will last 4 to 7 hours, then I am completely fine again. The only after issues I have is severe pain for about two days, seemingly  subsiding each hour for the following days.
Generally I will have 4 to 5 attacks per year.

I have tried blood type diet, by eradication of certain foods I thought I had a hold of my issue because for almost a year, I had no attack. Then,,, bam,,, another one. Lasted about 4 hours and then I rejoined a dinner party but just could not stand , due to severe tenderness. The area below my right rib is the tender part and I do get a cramping in my lower back. I have no blood in my stool, I'm very regular and normal in that area.  
I have a very basic diet , I'm vegetarian, and no trigger foods have been found.
Blood test have come back normal - i even asked to be checked for ovarian cancer....( It runs  in my family), upper gi - and lower- normal.,  I have not had a colonoscopy, but I think I should.
My doctor has requested an ultrasound of my abdominal area and pelvis. This will be a cost for me of over a thousand dollars due to insurance does not cover a non-emergency.
The frustrating part is once the episode passes, I do not want to keep perusing because I am constantly told to come while Im in the midst of an attack, last time I tried my dr. Was on vacation, next time I was on an airplane.
I read one story of a guy with similar issues that had a narrowing of the colon,, the article ended at that, so I do not know what he ended up doing.
I would love to hear if anyone out there has similar symptoms and what or how do you do or have you been diagnosed??
Thank you-- Mo

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I have a similar condition.  Every test I take shows infection in my body.  I am usually in the hospital every three months, an they have no answer of what to do.  I pray you will find a answer soon and me to
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I recently had an attack similar to what you've described. 10minutes after I ate, severe pain started in my whole abdomen and stomach. At first I thought it was a gas attack, which I have frequently. I tried the walking, rocking routine to get the gas moving, but it only got worse. My husband took me into the er, I was panting with the pain. My back in the lower rib area was killing me, too. They did xrays, ct scan, sonogram and finally an endoscopy. All they could find was inflammation and polyps in the small intestine. But other than that nothing. The pain finally moved to just my stomach which felt like I'd been punched. It repeated the next day after they gave me liquid breakfast. This turned out to be a mystery, too. Any advances for you?
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