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Duration of Gleevec side effects

My partner has had stomach gist removed in early 2012. They suspected it had ruptured before removal so they put her on Gleevec. After a year and a half she is still having sevre nausea. Has anyone else suffered side effects this long
Thank you
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Hope you are doing well. One of the most common side effect of treatment with Gleevec is nausea. It is usually of mild grade and related to dosage. Imatinib is best absorbed when taken with food and preferably with the largest meal of the day. In people with history of esophagitis or reflux it has to be taken at least 2 hours before bedtime .If your partner has been having nausea continuously it is best to take the total daily dosage of this drug in two divided doses with separate meals .If the symptoms are persistent or severe consult your doctor .He may prescribe antinausea medications like prochlorperazine, ondansetron.Keep me posted.
Best luck and regards!
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I have been taking gleevec 400 mg since Aug 2012.  It still gives me all kinds of grief with multiple side effects.  Taking Gleevec before bedtime to lessen the nausea gives me sleep problems.  Taking Gleevec with a meal and a full 8 oz of water seems to work the best for me.  Other side effects are cold chills, hair loss, change in voice box, skin problems, shortness of breath, no motivation, lack of energy, & mild depression.  Ondansetron helps with nausea but it causes headaches that require yet another chemical to be put in the body. On the positive side is the fact that Gleevec has caused my tumor to reduce to half its original side.  Praise the Lord!
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congratulations on the progress of the tumor shrinkage. That's exciting. I have been on 400 mg. for nearly a year, and have some of the same symptoms. Trying to keep a positive mindset is such a difficulty. Good luck.
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