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10 mm cyst in liver showed up on CT scan and MRI. Are cysts on liver common?

Hello Medhelp, i'm a 26 year old male and I have been suffering from stomach, intestinal and over all abdominal pain for quite some time. This all seemed to start after I had held in some solid waste when I was out and couldn't get to a bathroom. Pain has not let up but for some short intervals. In turn I had gotten a CT scan and an MRI of my abdomin and they discovered a small 10 mm cyst on my liver. I have also been experiencing pain in where my liver is supposedly located. My stools have also been a reddish brown color regularly for a very long time(never the regular darker brown that is normal) I'm so scared that i'm dying or that there is something possibly seriously wrong. I was just recently diagnosed with Diverticulosis as well following the CT scan.So i've been wondering is it true that cysts on the liver are pretty common and usually benign? Could gastritis be the cause of all of the pain? Could the cyst on the liver be causing the constant reddish brown stools? Any advice and ideas will be greatly valued , appreciated and used to tell the Dr. Thank you very much.
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It's true that they are common. Yours must have been caused by diverticulosis.
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Well, cyst on the liver I read were uncommon. Though the are more common than septicemia (bacteria in the blood) with the cyst in the liver. It is usually a sign of infection in the liver. Do you have a fever?  They usually have to drain them and give you antibiotics. My sister in law had one recently but she also got bacteria in the blood and a very high fever. They had to give her antibiotics for a month and put a drainage tube in to get rid of the fluid and bacteria from the cyst into the liver.  She is ok now and back to work. Diverticulitis (infection in a pocket that forms from diverticulosis) usually is one of the causes of a liver cyst. You should get a lot of antibiotics. I hope that you get an infectious disease specialist to look after you. Your stools being reddish brown may be blood in the stool due to probably the diverticulitis or maybe the cyst. Also, both would explain your pain. Please continue to seek help in getting rid of the cyst.
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Thank you both for your responses to this issue. That is of great help and that is great to know that they are usually pretty common. As in the way of it possibly being the diverticulitis I agree and thank you for your advice. I will seek to be put on antibiotics asap. I agree and think that would be a very good idea. Thank you all very much. Does anyone know much about gastritis? I'm also wondering if it's not gastritis since i've also been feeling very nauseous especially after eating or drinking anything. Yesterday I did not eat anything and went to bed on an empty stomach. No breakfast,lunch or dinner. ( although I usually starve myself alot and I only eat one meal a day anyway) No appetite. Anyhow again thank you both very much and if anyone could fill me in on gastritis symptoms I would greatly appreciate that. Have a great weekend and happy holidays.
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Hi again, I totally made a mistake it is a liver abscess that my sister in law had not a cyst. So you don't have to go to the ER. But you should treated with antibiotics if you have diverticulitis (not diverticulosis). I hope I didn't totally freak you out. THey won't have to drain the cyst. I don't know why I  thought this was the same. I couldn't erase the last message.
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Hey,it's ok. Sorry I haven't written you back sooner. Alright gotcha....a liver abscess.  Ok, thank you that is great news. Yes, i'm not to sure if I ave diverticulitis or if it's just gastritis from the diverticulosis. I think you are right either way though that antibiotics would be good because it seems I might have a sinus infection. Haha, you did freak me out but I had second thoughts about it and was like hmmm this doesn't seem right. Haha. It's ok.
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So very glad to hear from you. I feel like such a idiot. Well, everyone makes mistakes eh. Well you have sinusitis it may require a different antibiotic than for diverticulosis (different bacteria are involved). But, the doc will figure it out. Sorry again about the mistake. I was thinking at the time was it a cyst she had? I was tired and shouldn't have said anything. Well, glad you got this message. Hope you had a good holiday. I think the gastritis you are feeling maybe caused by the diverticulisis if you have that but if it is diverticulosis then it would a different story. I would think the doctor would have told you to take antibiotics if you had diverticulitis though. so we'll see. Keep me posted.
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