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17 granddaughter with hair loss

Hi my granddaughter has a lot of hair loss.  Wondered if anyone could help with her blood results please . Any advice. Her hair was falling out a lot after she contracted Covid last year . You can see her results aren’t too good

24.1 range 15-240

Vitamin B12
105.9 pg/mL.    Low. Range  191- 663 pg/ml.

2.33 µU/mL.     Range 0.3 - 4.8   µU/mL

Vitamin D (Roche)
3.95.         More than  30   ng/ml

Zinc (blood)
45 ug/dL.        Range   50.0  -  120.0    ug/dL

Thank you San
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Low levels of all the vitamins/minerals you listed can cause hair loss, therefore I'd suggest you find a good doctor to prescribe the proper dosages of supplements and/or change you diet to help bring your levels up.  My primary care doctor handles all that for me, but some might not be able to.  

Those vitamins/minerals are also, all necessary for proper thyroid hormone production.  If TSH was the only thyroid related test performed, you should ask your doctor to order Free T4 and Free T3, which are the actual thyroid hormones, whereas TSH is a pituitary hormone.  

You should ask your doctor to check for malabsorption issues.
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Hello again, I have just sent you an email. I hope it helps some.
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Hello~ I have looked at the numbers, your daughter definitely needs some guidance as to how to raise them and to stop the hair loss.  My suggestion would be to see a Naturopath if there is one in your area. He/she will be able to go over the results with you and prescribe the correct dosage of vitamins/minerals that will help. Unfortunately, mainstream MD's just are not trained in this area so the prescribe drugs which are usually of no help.
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What she has is called Alopecia, or in spots called Alopecia Areeta.  Some people develop it for unknown reasons and it stays.  However, if it develops from an illness, it usually restores upon recovery?  However, she may have Long Covid which can take longer?  There’s so many terrible side effects from the Covid shots that were hidden until as of late!  Look them up on the internet and maybe you’ll find others who suffered this side effect who recovered from it?  

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