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5 year old did a backwards walkover and heard a big crack.

My 5 year old daughter is a squad gymnast and yesterday while trying to do a backwards walk over we heard a big crack from her back or neck. She didn’t cry but it did scare her a bit and she said it was a bit sore but then continued playing.
Today I gave her a hug and heard another small crack which has never happened before. She says she’s fine and not sore and  wants to keep doing tricks. But I’m not sure if I should stop her from doing tricks and take her to a doctor incase it’s serious or leave her if it’s normal and she’s not in any pain.
She’s never had this problem before so not sure what to do.
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Ouch!  Did they get a goose egg from that?  Broken skin? I think you 'could' take her to the doctor as concussions happen. I know that my kids in sports have each Fall a baseline concussion test.  This then can be checked for the full year if there is any sort of injury to see if it is a concussion. Otherwise, you have to look for symptoms. This article you can copy and paste has a lot of info related to concussions. We looked for the signs after my son took a big head splitter in a soccer game and was put under concussion watch.  https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/15038-concussion
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Hello~To be on the side of safety, i would take her to her pediatrician and let him know what is going on, he/she might want to take some x-rays to make sure all is well.

Another suggestion, take her to a chiropractor that specializes in children, most do anyway.  She may have dislocated some vertebrae and that is the cause of the noise, etc. He/she will also take x-rays, study them and then go over the results.  

We have a pediatric forum here, that might be another place to ask this question.
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