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I have read NUMEROUS posts/questions from readers re:fifth's disease, AKA human parvovirus B19. All the doctors keep responding that the symptoms "don't sound like fifths disease" BUT THEY DO!! Or at least a result of it! IT HAS BEEN WELL KNOWN FOR YEARS that fifth's disease can lead to arthralgias, and autoimmune (hashimotos, myocardidtis, uveitis to mane a couple) and the whole host of symptoms that go along with them.
O am a nurse, and spent SIX YEARS being told I was a hypochondriac. I finally wound up in an ER in congestive heart failure. FINALLY, I was seen by a doctor who actually knew what he was doing. IT WAS MY THYROID,,,,,Hashimoto's secondary to the Fifths Disease. I had progressed from arthritis, to nonseropositive RA (diagnosed) to fibromyalgia, to Raynauds.....to tremendous weight gain, hair loss, chronic pain, swelling in my legs, abnormal menstrual cycles...finally, I rarely left home, was exhausted by just trying to talk while walking, and was in constant pain. The day I felt I souldn't catch my breath, I went to the ER.
So a word tothe wise...DO THE RESEARCH!! Plug your symptoms in the serch bar....and trust your instincts. i am AMAZED that in my own profession so many are not educated to what all is out there!
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Hi.  I am feeling absolutely isolated right now.  Knowing you are a nurse feels like I can talk to you.  I have had Fifth's since January.  At first it was the flu, rheumatoid arthritis, post viral illness, but DEFINITELY NOT Fifth's.  Not until my blood work came back positive for Fifth's.  I am off work because of the extreme pain and my co-workers keep emailing me to see how my "rash" is.  Even doctors and nurses tell me it doesn't sound like Fifth's and keep inquiring about my rash.  (I had a two day mild rash.)  In the meantime, I was taking almost 4mg of aceteminphen, and 300mg of codeine a day, plus ibuprofren with no relief at all.  (I took Codeine with a mid-forceps child birth and three infected wisdon teeth removed and felt high - but not with Fifth's)  So, obviously, the rash is not my problem.  I am on steroids now, prednisone, it helps a bit.  I was on them for two weeks and then weaned off. The symptoms came back.  Now I'm on 15 mg, but the pain in my head is killing me today.  I want to smash my head against a brick wall.  My doctor thinks this is related to the fact that I have been working myself into oblivion with three little kids under seven, working full time and no extended family to help besides my husband.  I am afraid this is going to mutate or has mutated already.  I have been off work for a month, and am off for another month at least, because the doctor knows that rest is the best treatment.  But I've been resting and I'm not getting better.  I am really afraid I have totally sabotaged my health.  

I am shocked with your story.  Thank goodness I have a good doctor.  Thank goodness you're a fighter.  My sister in law is a nurse and she always says, "Talk to the nurses, go through the nurses."  It's like the nurses are more on the battlefront when it comes to their patients symptoms.  It made me so angry when the doctor in the first drop in clinic stood back and said, "You definitely don't have Fifth's."  I feel like sending him my blood work.  He was just so unconcerned and detached in his examination of me, and here I was crippled up, unable to move with pain.  Why does he get paid to be a doctor with an attitude like that?

Anyways, your posting is recent, so maybe you can send me some info and advice.  I don't know anyone who's gone through this except in the online community.
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Hi.  I read your stories and my heart goes out to you.  I have battled with parvo (Fifth's Disease) for two years this June.  My doctor is an infectious disease doctor and has said that we need to be open to the concept that in some people, such as myself, there may just be chronic parvo.  It continues to test in the active phase and my body just doesn't produce the antibodies to fight off the virus like most people.  He has sent my blood samples to the National Institute of Health to get a DNA test run, which also came back positive, so we know that it is Fifth's Disease we are dealing with.  He is continuing to look for ways to help me, but is now talking about sending me to Mayo Clinic.  I have had a fever everyday for two solid years (among a laundry list of other symptoms) and am a mother of a 3 year old and a 6 year old.

Please don't give up looking for ways to help yourself and know there are others out there fighting the same thing.  I do have some positive results managing the fatigue with a very strict diet (no caffine, lots of natural juices, etc) but nothing is a cure as of yet.  I'll let you know if I come across anything that might help and you are in my prayers.

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Are there any other things you are doing as far as your diet? Do you know why the no caffeine helps?  I have Parvo and I am trying to make some adjustments in my diet but i am interested what others have found out.

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my son is autistic and seven years old and just contracted fifths disease, im a little woried because he has autoimmune thyroiditis. His Doctor said today if this is what he has it just has to run its corse.  does anyone know if this is true? he has high fever,itchy rash, and horrible headaches,and vomiting early this morning.Im wondering if the autoimmune thyroid problem would contribute to any anemia or other dangerous health problems.
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