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6 year old blood test questions

My son recently had a blood test which showed, among other things, a BUN/Creatinine ratio of 41.3 (range is 6-22). This is almost exactly consistent with past results. The Dr. always says he's a bit dehydrated, but we are very mindful of drinking liquid, especially water, throughout the day. He was especially mindful of it before this past test, so I was surprised he was still in that range. Incidentally, he does not eat a lot of salty food, and almost no processed food, so that wouldn't be a factor.  A few months ago at his well visit I mentioned that his urine has been foamy, but the Dr. did a urine test and it was fine. I've read, however, that the quick ones aren't always accurate. He also had a slight low calculated globulin rate of 1.9 (range is 2.1-3.5), and a slightly high A/G ratio of 2.7 (range 1.0-2.5).  The reason for these blood tests is his constant tiredness (though he recently was diagnosed with mono - the tiredness has gone on for longer than that). He also has quite a bit of random mild to moderate stomach pain. Repeated tests show he does NOT have mono now, so I don't know if that would still be affecting his WBC.

Incidentally, he has never been one to go to the bathroom often, even with all he drinks. We always chalked it up to a large bladder. His urine is light to clear, and never dark (as you would expect with dehydration).

I’m also concerned about his WBC count. Looking at all his results taken from 8 blood tests from 2010, they were in almost all low, ranging from 4.4-4.6. Last June it was 4.9; in January of this year it was 4.1, and this month is 3.8. What could this all mean? Should an autoimmune disorder be considered? His IGA Serum on this last test was 22.

He is following up with a couple of specialists due to some other readings, but I wondered if he should see a kidney specialist based on these readings.  Anyone familiar with this?
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BUN and creatinine parameters are always a primary concern for something related to renal .....check for signs and symptoms like tiredness swelling of the body , anywer around be it eyes the sides near the ankles and over the foot hand and legs,,,, use ur two fingers to press gently n deeply at the sides of the ankle jus above the bone and over the foot in the middle and note for pitting , also check for the increse in the body weight r sometimes bad breath. u SHOULD  atleast to ensure things r safe consult a nephrologist
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Thanks for the response. Even thought he Dr. always says it's from dehydration, I think it's odd that he would be consistently dehydrated every time he's had a blood test for the past 2 years. Especially since these tests aren't taken during times of illness, but when he's been eating/drinking regularly.
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It may be a sign that the kidneys aren't fully functioning. Try to keep monitoring him in case anything changes (sudden increase in weight, reduced urine output, swelling in his hands, feet or tummy) and do get in contact with a nephrologist.
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