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Abdominal Pain and Vomiting??

For the past three weeks I have been in an out of urgent care and my regular doctor's office. I have been having severe right upper quadrant abdominal pain. The pain is always there but has been bearable but sometimes it gets so bad I'm doubled over in pain. I have also not been able to eat or drink anything, including water, so I have to keep going in to get IV fluids. The pain does not change when I eat. I have also had some diarrhea and high fevers on and off. I've also passed out on one occasion which I think was from vomiting so much and being dehydrated.
The pain is located on my right side below my rib cage and is sharp. It also feels like it radiates up my arm on my shoulder and back.
The doctors have done an endoscopy showing only mild stomach irritation (I'm assuming from the non stop vomiting), a ct scan, an ultrasound, an X-ray, and a hida scan which all came back normal. They also took blood, urine, and stool samples which all came back normal except for the dehydration.
Does anyone know what is wrong or have any ideas??
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I'm not sure why they had me take stool softeners. I think they were trying to rule everything out. I have been and still am getting high fevers on and off. Above 100. The highest fever that I have had was 104.6
The pain does not improve by switching positions. Keeping my knees up or in a hunched over position seems to help a little. I'm 20 and I don't know my family history. I did track down one of my half sisters who told me she had her gallbladder out.
I don't have any medical problems and have never had any serious issues before.
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I was going to remark that your symptoms are classic for gallbladder disease.  Insist that they check this out thoroughly.  The HIDA scan and CT should have picked it up, but if it was a while ago, and now things are worse, they can easily do another HIDA.  Labs will change day to day, so those should be repeated as well, especially if you are getting dehydrated.

Why did they tell you to take stool softeners?  Did they day you were full of stool in your abdomen?  This can also give you discomfort, but not usually radiating to your shoulder and back.

Are you running a fever?  Is the pain better when you sit up and lean forward?  How old are you and does gallbladder disease run in your family?

What other medical problems do you have?
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Hi, I had some of the same issues many years ago and the doctors finally did a ultra sound and found that I had gall stone in my gall bladder. You may ask them to check for that. My symptoms were the same as yours.  Hope you feel better soon.
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They just give me IV fluid and send me home when I go. My insurance won't cover a different ER.
The GI told me he thinks it's just a virus because they haven't found anything. Because of the pain and it being localized in one area I don't think that this is a virus.
They have given me muscle relaxers which don't do anything other than make me tired. They have given me stuff to help with the nausea and vomiting but it doesn't do much. They gave me stool softener which I'm not using. They also gave me two rounds of antibiotics with no change. And they have me different kinds of pain meds which help when I am able to keep them down but the problem is not resolved.
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This sounds very serious, I am very surprised that you  have not been admitted to the hospital. My aunt had your similar symptoms, they kept sending her home, it turned out it was her appendix and it was in the stages of rupturing. I would go back AGAIN to the ER and insist on more test and even being admitted, you can not go on like this.

Until you go back to the ER, make sure to take sips of water to help stave off the dehydration. Again, I can not emphasize enough, please go back to the ER, those symptoms are NOT normal, you need help, ASAP, make the doctors listen, do  not leave even if they tell you it is nothing.
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