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Abdominal pain I cant explain

So. Last Tuesday I had a random sharp pain on my right side. It happened when I got out of bed and it was so bad I almost vomited. I laid down and it went away within a fee minutes, and no didnt feel that extreme of pain again. The rest of the day, I had sharp pains on that side, but it wasnt too bad. The next day, nothing. Then it kicked back up on the third day with random sharp pains and it all felt like it was on my ovary, though it felt a little higher up occasionally. After a bit, I started feeling the pain on my left side as well. The sharp pains are fewer now, but I feel insanely gassy, tender on my right side, and it feels like there's a mass on my left side. My right side feels stiff on the whole side to my back, but when i lay on my back it goes away. I feel burning sensations as well in random spots.. I have no clue what it could be and I'm losing it. I have an appointment with my gyno tomorrow, but I just dont know if I should go to the ER and be looked at sooner. I've just never had all these weitd kind of symptoms before. Does anyone have any idea what this could be at all??

I also have no fever. Highest i have been was 99.1, but I've generally been around 98.7
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