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Abnormal blood work

Hi ! I am concerned about my blood work. I recently had a blood work done and my absolute lymphocyte count was 4806 and the quest range is 850-3900. at the time i had this test, i had pain in my neck maybe because i slept awkward and it was there even after for 2-3 days. the last time i had a test done was in jan 2019 and at that time i had a viral infection and it was 11.7 percent while normal range is 22-43 percent. last time before that was in june 2018 and it was normal however in march 2018 it was slightly elevated but i had no infection at that time.

all other values are normal. my cholesterol triglycerides is high. its 524 without fasting. i am low on ferritin and vit d. please help. is it cancer ?
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What is your doctor saying about it?

Elevated lymphocytes can indicate a number of things, from infection or inflammation to more serious things, like leukemia. Medications can cause it, too.


Your triglycerides are REALLY high, though you weren't fasting. Are they going to do the test again with you fasting?

How low are your ferritin and vit D?

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havent seen the doc yet. i wanted to know if this is really considered as elevated
How did you get these results if you haven't seen the doctor?

You definitely need to see the doc. They'll probably do a fasting cholesterol test to see those results, and a repeat blood count.

Even non-fasting, your triglycerides are really high, so don't wait on doing this. This could be a sign of diabetes, and could cause liver or heart problems.

Things like hypothyroidism can cause elevated white blood cells and high triglycerides, but you really need to see your doctor to find out.

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