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Absence of Doctor at Physical Exam

I am 41 and male, and have fibromyalgia.  Problems since 2000.  Anyway, I had my first physical exam with my new female doctor since I am at a new practice.   I feel the physical exam is a time for me to build a better medical relationship with my doctor, and for her to know more about me.  Anyhow, without explanation, some male student, who seems college age, comes in and performs my physical.  It made for an uncomfortable situation, but I also feel it was a missed opportunity for my regular doctor.  I understand sometimes a doctor might have to have a student in with them during a physical, but I didn't feel it was right for my primary doctor to not be present during a physical.  It has me wanting to switch doctors almost.   Am I wrong about this?  Should a doctor be present for at least part of a physical exam?
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Where I live we no longer have Doctors many PA's are doing the diagnosing and the prescribing   I live in CA
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   I am glad to hear that you found a doctor you are happy with.  It truly is important to make a connection with your PCP, so that he/she can detect any changes in your health.

          Wishing you the best
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OK, thanks.  I did not realize this was standard practice.  I never saw the physician assistant before.  Maybe I didn't like it because it was never explained to me.   I did change doctors, but that wasn't the only reason.  I preferred doctor B over A because she is a little more inclined to think outside the box and is also a little more hands on and wants to see things, whereas doctor A just seems to rush through appointments a little.
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    Quite often in a clinic, the P.A. will do the physical exam and if he/she finds any problem, the doctor will come in to finish the exam.  This is to give the doctor more time with the patients who are really sick.
     This is a common practice at the clinic where I live.  If you feel cheated, you might want to find another clinic or a doctor who has a private practice.
       I am sorry that you are tempted to change doctors.  You might call the clinic and voice your opinion - and see if your doctor can perform the physical next time.

    hope this information was helpful... Wishing you the best
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