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Advice for Extreme Debilitating Fatigue - 23 Year Old Male

I was wondering if anyone could give me their two cents on my chronic symptoms. Over the past 7 years, I've gradually become more and more tired with no solid answer as to why. I am an otherwise healthy 23 year old male student - 5'10", 135 lbs. My general symptoms include excessive daytime sleepiness, sleep inertia, brain fog, weakness and chronic fatigue. I feel like I don't have the energy to accomplish or focus on much of anything and it is extremely debilitating. It's made it extremely hard for me to function in all aspects of my life. I struggle with college attendance and have not been able to hold down a job in years. All I can think about is sleeping and how groggy I feel, even upon waking. I'm currently sleeping about 8 and a half hours a night; but, have slept for up to 11, 12 hours a night in the past and feel no different.

I endured a lot of trauma growing up and this seemed to coincide with the physical symptoms that I am still experiencing. Since I was 17, I've seen 6 different psychologists, 5 different therapists and have amassed over 4 years in therapy. I've worked through all of my trauma and feel confident that it's been dealt with. The only thing that triggers depression/anxiety now is my debilitating fatigue that severely impairs my daily functioning. I say this because a lot of the doctors that I've seen immediately invalidate my physical symptoms with claims that it is simply mental illness. Let me briefly outline what I've tested/tried:

- My blood pressure always reads at a healthy level.

- Done a full vitamin panel and everything has come back normal. My B12 levels were high, even, considering that I'm vegetarian. Iron reads normal too.

- Generally I eat extremely well and I drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

- Done a viral panel and also have tested for STIs and HIV. All negative.

- Tested my thyroid multiple times. It has always come back normal.

- Tested my testosterone. It is normal.

- Followed a fitness plan of moderate exercise for 6 months. Exercise generally made me more tired and weak.

- Done multiple sleep tests. I have very mild sleep apnea, which I'm working to treat, but the doctor insists that it isn't enough to justify how exhausted I feel.

- Most recently worked with a sleep psychologist to consolidate my sleep. Sleep efficiency is around 94%. I was loosely diagnosed with severe hypersomnolence.

No one has been able to properly diagnose me or recognize my difficulties, which in turn makes me feel extremely helpless and invisible. I'm not sure what to do to feel better, as nothing seems to be of much help to me. I'm young and I feel like I'm missing out on so much of my life. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on what might be doing to improve my situation?


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Low Vitamin D and magnesium can cause your issues. A blood test can see what D levels are at. They should be at least at 50ng/mL to be at a healthy level.

If you were taking any B12 at the time of your test it will be falsely high. You need to be off B12 for 4 months for an accurate testing
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Have you been tested for Lyme Disease and Co-infections at all? If you haven't you should definately get tested.

Doctors rarely think to test people for Lyme Disease, it can cause all the symptoms you are having. I know from personal experience. I had many symptoms and doctors didn't even think to check for it. However, testing for Lyme Disease is very inaccurate. The tests only detect 50% of the cases of it.

It's a huge epidemic today. Many people have Lyme Disease and don't even know they have it.

Look into it! and best of luck with everything
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