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All the symptoms

Hi all,

25yo male who has been experiencing every symptom under the sun. Started this past summer with occasional muscle pain and in fall included tingling. I had been researching conditions and I feel like anxiety is definitely playing some role in this, not sure to what extent, but may be giving myself new symptoms as I read about them. None of the following symptoms will ever appear with many others at the same time; it's usually just a couple for a period of days or weeks and then on to other symptoms. Is it possible I could be giving myself all of these? I agree I could possibly making them worse. The symptoms nearly completely disappear when I am perfectly distracted by having fun, or engaged in engrossing activity. Essentially whenever my mind is completely occupied, but they will be there when it is not. Here they are.

Intermittent tingling in:

Left side of face

Intermittent pain in:

Back Muscles
Upper Legs, Arms
Stomach Muscles
Pelvic Area

Shoulder Joint
Hip Joint
Hand Joints

Other symptoms:

Twitches mainly in calves but all over body
Blurred vision in left eye
Slight tremor in the last two days
Sleep difficulties
Temperature control issues
Possible cognition issues
Red finger joints
Occasional stiffness in thighs

Thanks for any suggestions. I need all the perspective I can get.
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Hi, I am sorry you are going through all these issues.

The fact that when you are busy you do not notice the symptoms as much tells me that it is possibly anxiety related. That being said, if they continue or get worse, I would certainly see your PCP, he/she can then refer you to other physicians if needed.

Margypops is correct also, there are so many weird chemicals in our environment, one never knows what we are inhaling, eating, or drinking.
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I have also been getting similar symptoms as you are and with no diagnosis , I have come to the conclusion its environmental allergies, It is a fact now that we are being sprayed with toxins, part of the government program of weatherisation..Take a look ot the utube video 'What on earth are they spraying' I have been like this for at least a year now and many others are also sick ..do some research, the video is 'worth watching
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If you haven't seen a doctor then see one. Optometrist for your eye, and probably a neurologist to order immune disfunction testing and imaging studies. That's where I would start. Good luck and do t give up.
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Oh yeah, AND...

blood pressure fluxuation
irregular pulse
chronically periodic sore throat

Thanks again.
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