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Am I at normal weight??

Hi all,

I am 20 years old 5'10.5 and 205lbs. I let my weight go for my entire life and it went up to 350 and I lost 145lbs now. Now Im scared of people and fear Im too overweight and ugly.

Am I overweight? Please look at my pictures and tell me
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The BMI that I use placed you into 29.5 BMI range which is obese; you would be under 25 BMI which is considered "normal" at 175lbs. However BMI is only so good, it calculates an average and doesn't take into account the very muscular. So for an example Arnold Schwarzenegger would be obese; his amount of muscles make BMI unreliable. I suggest you have a talk with your Dr and ask if you need to loose more weight. As it is, judging from BMI alone, it does look like you need to loose a bit more weight to be in at a healthy range.

That being said, 145 lbs is a HUGE accomplishment! You really should be proud of yourself. Also, most people have problems with weight at one point or another, myself included. A real love, true friends looks past those extra baggage, because they know that's not what is important. I know how easy it is to just say be patient, but really just be patient. And in this day and age, you don't have to go into bars to meet people, especially if that's not your style. I met my husband on a geeky dating site. It doesn't work for everyone, but what matters is you're staying true to who you are. It's good to push your boundaries but you don't have to go to the extremes to meet people, and you can easily avoid crowds if you need to.
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looking at ur pics seems u r normal , but 205 lbs is never a correct weight.
u neet to reduce another 20 kg. do regularly aerobic exercise and go for proper dieting.
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I'm not a big fan of the BMI scale just because it does very little to gauge your muscle mass. I'm 5' and at my leanest I was 16% body fat and 130lbs but according to the bmi scale I was obese. I say whatever the number get to the weight you are most comfortable in. If you truly feel good, as in you have the energy to do whatever, you are probably fine. Just be consistant on your weight even if it is a couple of lbs over. Set one health goal for yourself and stick to it. Mine is that I run at least a 5k 5 days a week.
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