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Am I pregnant?

I am 19 years old, a virgin, always been a good girl. I have always told myself I want to wait until I'm married to have sex, and I still stick by that. But, when I saw my boyfriend the other day, we were cuddling, with our clothes on, he got up to ***. He came back, and maybe five or ten minutes later, or perhaps even longer than that, he touched my vagina, and fingered me. I'm wondering what the chance is that I could be pregnant from this, if all? His hand that he touched me with was dry, and his penis wasn't wet. I'm freaking out, because like I said, I've never done any risky behavior like this before, and I just want to hear the opinions of others more sexually experienced than I.  Later that same day, I felt a wave of nausea, but I don't know if that really means anything, I was pretty stressed and alert after it happened, thinking what might come of this. I also had a little bit of diarreha, but I have been having that before I was with him, and today, the day after I feel a bit weak and tired, but I think that is all due to the fact that I am pretty freaked out and stressing out about this.
I appreciate any feedback, and perhaps I can finally put my mind at ease, or atleast know what is going on.
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Dont worry - you are not pregnant, nor have you lost your virginity.  Just take it as a warning that this will happen when you are alone with your boyfriend - If you love him and he loves you, then he will wait, if not, you better let him go because _you_ won't be able to wait!

Good Luck!  :-)
God Bless
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Hmm, doesn't sound like you'd be pregnant to me. Everything your feelign could've been from germs spread and your immune system being down because your stressing out so bad. Try to relax, and in a couple weeks, if the symptoms persist, get a pregnancy test and see. If you're still worried, talk to your doctor, they can do a **** test and let you know in the same doctor visit.
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*urine test...
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Not pregnant. Symptoms like nausea don't start for a couple weeks, if not a month or two, after conception. Lots of women miss their period and find out their pregnant before they feel anything different. You'd have no noticeable body affects yet if you were. So I would say it is the stress for sure!
And I agree with jefelex, take it as a warning if your boyfriend doesn't respect your wishes.
Best of luck :)
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