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Anesthesia + Withdrawals... Effects?

I had been an off-and-on meth user, and quit yesterday (yes, it will be permanently).  I have a laparascopic cholecystectomy scheduled for Monday to remove my gall-bladder for gallstones that were recently diagnosed, and I am concerned about the effects of withdrawal from meth on general anesthesia.  That would be 6 days clean, essentially.  

I can push the surgery to next Friday (10 days clean) if it makes any difference; I am aware I would not have the chemical still in my system but am worried about the effects of NOT having it in my system while under on anesthesia.

My side-effects during withdrawal are usually pretty ******, but will most likely start to clear up a bit by Monday, but will by no means be gone.  The most prominent ones include:

  - Complete exhaustion:  Especially at first, I will be grumpy, have VERY little motivation to do anything other than sleep.  Therefore I will do so very often;  sometimes 16 hours a day if I am able.  This leads to---

- Sleep issues:  After a few days (usually 3-4) I can get bouts of sleep paralysis... trying to sleep I wake up right at moment of falling asleep and cannot move body.  Stuck unable to move but fully conscious for about 5-6 seconds  before body is able to roll over, speak, or respond in any muscular way.  Scary ****, and I hate it... but usually only lasts for one night.  All night.

- Appetite:  All I want to do is eat ******, sugary foods, which ***** because I am on a low carb zero sugar diet nowadays.  Used to just wake up, open fridge, eat tons of junk, fall back asleep, rinse repeat. Probably the reason why I gained a bunch of weight back then.  

That's most of it.  I am most concerned about the sleep disruption issues, as well as if there are any other effects of being withdrawn from meth a week out would have any effect on general anesthesia.  ...any info other than "QUIT USING" (I know this, that's what I'm doing... I had quit for over two years until this last slip-up), is appreciated, as I am pretty scared about not waking up, or waking up too soon... not to mention the things I don't know about.  

Lastly, I know I should tell my anesthesiologist, so please don't make this your sole response either... I temporarily live with my immediate family and they are unaware of my usage and would like to keep it that way.

Thanks so much, sorry for the long post.

I have only been put under once before, when I had wisdom teeth removed over 14 years ago and was not a user of any drugs whatsoever... everything went just fine then.
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You need to take supplement called shark oil.  It's one of the few things in the world that can replace the serotonin that meth takes out of your body.  You also might want to try a 5mg valium.  it's the lowest dose.  For nerves.  And if you have an addictive personality it's better than the other benzos.  

You are grumpy because the meth has sapped your serotonin.  It's one of the chemicals that impacts your happiness.  Use the shark oil.  As directed, you don't want to take 3 bottles and give yourself serotonin storm.  After a couple or 3 months of regular use you should actually be able to be happy again.  After that if you have trouble you can take one of the new family of antidepressants called serotonin reuptake inhibitors.  Good Luck.  And the reason meth is the worst drug in the world is that it literally takes away your ability to be happy, so you do more meth, still not happy, do more and more.

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