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Anxiety or worse?

I am a 20 year old male, 5 foot 6 weigh about 130.  I do not smoke, and drink occasionally.  For a couple of years now I have been having episodes of racing heart around 200 bpm.  This is accompanied by feeling that I am going to faint, but I never have.  During these episodes, my blood pressure is extremely high (like 190/100 something).  But more recently, I just have a constant feeling of anxiety.  I have switched all of my classes to online because I don't want to have episodes at school.  And I hate going to work because I have to hope I will not have one.  Even at home I sometimes get the feelings.  I have a constant ringing in both ears, like the sound a tv makes when its on.  Sometimes the ringing will leave one ear and i will feel extremely dizzy and my heart will begin to race.  There is a strange feeling in my head, no pain, just odd pressure.  I had tests at the doctor about 2 years ago they said it was just sinus tachycardia and it was normal.  They wanted me to take meds to "calm me down" but I really didn't take them much.  I always feel tired and I can always feel my heart beating in my chest and in my hands, etc.  Do you think this is just anxiety or could it by hyperthyroidism, or some neurological or heart problem? Please help, thanks.
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A series of things could be causing this and definitely anxiety could be one. The thing to really pay attention to when it happens is if you notice you are doing something when it happens. Are you under stress? Do you have serious allergies? Have you had your heart checked? Check your thyroid? One thing that is very important is if the anxiety happens before or after/during the symptoms. Not understanding what is going on can create a lot of anxiety and further the symptoms, like a merry go round. Ringing in the ears could be tinnitus, spinning could be vertigo. thinking about it without getting diagnosed can only magnify the problems. So go see a doctor and find support groups for the symptoms that you have. Take care, smiling on forward

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Sounds like anxiety , put your question onto the Anxiety Forum for some help with good folks .suffering with the same issues you are, help is out there so hang on,
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also my hands shake, my face feels kind of numb, i get thirsty, and i just feel out of it.
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also within the last 6 months or so I have had the habit of biting the inside of my lips.
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