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Anyone have weird weakness with low iron along with twitching?

Age: 28
Sex: M
Height: 5 8'
Weight: 167
Race: White
Duration of complaint: 3 months
Location (Geographic and on body)
Any existing relevant medical issues): None
Current medications: Iron 2x day

Got diagnosed with low iron with the following levels on 8/20/19:

Iron 27mcg/Dl

TIBC: 461mcg/DL

Transferrin: 329 mg/DL

Transferrin Sat: 6%

Ferritin Lvl 8.9

Getting GI tract upper scope tomorrow. My question is when I visited the ER complaining of chest pains back in January (1/26/19) and the blood smear panel test showed RBC Morphology abnormal, should this be mentioned to doctors as it wasn't by the ER doc? The anemia seems to be an indicator of that. The doctors in the ER never figured out what was wrong originally. Had chest pain on and off for six months. Passed echo and stress tests along with Xrays of chest looking normal. Also, the blood test for celiac came back negative. Any thoughts on what would cause this had been high on hemoglobin in the past couple years and up to 5 years prior?
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I think the whole thing should be mentioned to your doctors as it may support complete the problem. Absolutely let them know about the test Report.
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Hello~I would take all the test info and any other info you have to your regular GP; discuss your concerns over the results of the blood tests and any symptoms you may have. He/she will hopefully be able to put your mind at ease.
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...and if the scope doesn't find bleeding or malabsorption, then the smear becomes more important.
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"blood smear panel test showed RBC Morphology abnormal, should this be mentioned to doctors..." ?

It is a big clue. They'll need to know the actual type of misshapen RBCs - and the number of them can be important, too. So they'll want to see the report, or redo the smear.

But the ER doc didn't care? Well then, maybe because the number was too small to be significant.

"Other morphologic abnormalities are significant only when seen in considerable numbers. These include:

    Burr cells (echinocytes)
    Target cells
    Hypochromic cells "


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I think everything should be mentioned to your doctors as it may help complete the puzzle. Definitely let them know about the test results.

Low iron can cause weakness.


There are lots of things that can cause iron-deficiency anemia - which it sounds like you may have. What are the next steps for you? Have they mentioned any scope testing?


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