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Atypical/dysplastic mole on foot, 1,5-2 cm long?

So, I noticed my boyfriend has a big mole on hos foot.

- It's elongated, around 1,5-2 cm at it's widest (yes, cm)
- Very dark, but with lighter tones too
- He have had it as long as he remembers, and doesn't think it has changed.

I've noticed it too, when er met around 2,5 years ago, and I remember it being big and dark.

Is IT possible to have such a big dysplastic mole = non cancerous?
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Hello~That is a question that would best be answered by your GP or a dermatologist.  However, I would say that a dysplastic nevus, which is a birthmark in the form of a raised patch is more likely than a common mole to become cancer, but most of them  do not even become cancer.
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  The good news is that the type of mole you describe rarely turns into melanoma.  At your partner's next doctors visit, he should ask about it and show it to his doctor.  That it hasn't changed is good.  There is a list of things that if they should happen, he should be seen for it sooner rather than later which include The color changes
It gets smaller or bigger
It changes in shape, texture, or height
The skin on the surface becomes dry or scaly
It becomes hard or feels lumpy
It starts to itch
It bleeds or oozes

Again, this is rarely something that turns into melanoma unless there are a large number of them.  However, this one is fairly large.  

You may find this article very helpful. https://www.cancer.gov/types/skin/moles-fact-sheet

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