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B12 Anemia

I have been diagnosed with B12 Anemia. I have been prescribed both b12 and iron. However, the b12 has created the following symptoms: exhaustion, suicidal tendencies, extreme anxiousness, severe pain in my arms & legs, weakness, lightheadedness, extreme shortness of breath, very poor balance/coordination, constant ringing in my ears, severe fatigue, and migraine headaches.

Without taking the b12, I have these same symptoms; only about 90% less. I went to get additional help at my college's health clinic & found out the b12 was causing all of these things.

Are there other treatments of b12 defiency besides taking the b12 tablets and the shots? As I was told if I took the shots after all the problems I had with the tablets, these symptoms could get much worse. I certainly do not want that! As you can imagine. As I was so depressed while taking the b12 that I felt like cutting my wrists. I also was so anxious that I was BARELY able to go to class.

Does anyone out there know of other options? I obviously am increasing b12 in my diet. What else can I do? THANX!!
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truth is that if you do not get any B-12 and already are low in B-12, you can eventually die from it.  Very important that you get the b-12...also other side effects from not getting B-12 can result in spinal cord problems resulting in permanant damage  called subacute combined degeneration of the spinal cord.  You can find information about this on the Internet.  As others have said, there is no side effects from B-12 shots and also that folic acid may be a part of continuing problems.
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It is insane! I had such a bad reaction to taking the b12 that I had to stop taking it. Now, my doctor not only wants me back on the b12 but also on an anti-depressent! What kind of answer is that? I can see the mountains of pills piling up ONCE AGAIN.

As it was not that long ago that I was on hundreds of pills every month. My doctor just does not seem to understand that I'm not going back to being a ZOMBIE. It took me months to detox off all those drugs to begin with..... now, he simply wants to undo all the hard work I did to detox myself off of them with the help of an online support system.

What is the point of health care when your health care provider DOESN'T CARE and definately is NOT working with you?? And the health insurance I am on, I don't have a choice of who I can see. It is either this IDIOT or THAT IDIOT. What's the point of having health care insurance at all?

I'm in a position now that I need answers but I can't find them anywhere! I guess I'm heading back to the health department at school?? MAYBE just MAYBE I can get answers there? Who knows??
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B-12 tablets don't work well. You need sublingual B-12 and it has to have folic acid. I am unaware of any connection between B-12  and your symptoms. It is possible this is a side effect of sunstances in the pills other than B-12.
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hi i am 44 with the same b-12 and low iron.  i am taking b-12 shots and iron pills 3 times a day.  i was wondering if you are experiencing any fevers?  low grade?  i am having fevers for over a 6 weeks and my doc hasn't come up with anything yet.  how long have you been feeling this way?  do you have any burning in vaginal area?  i do and can't figure out what the heck is going on.  maybe we can help each other figure things out.  hope you're well.  donna1205
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